Photo Album: Hearts Are Everywhere!

photo (36)IMG_5175DSCN0297[1]photo (34)Heart Hissphoto 2Eric Canon 001 (2)photo (33)photo (26)photo 1Sony 008photo (32)photo (28)photo (27)Heart flowersphoto (25)photo (31)photo (24)J-Heartimage (2)photo (22)photo (23)photo (21)Heart Groupimage (1)Friends1391043300503Heart Group 2Marker Heart 1391043289680 photo (15)1391043302436 1391043305904NathanShadow HeartLeafMaberyphoto (29)photo (30)Carrots

Photos By Q3 Journalism Students 

This photo album was inspired by the book Find It In Everything by Drew Barrymore.  (Ms. Bezich has a copy if you would like to look at it.)

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