Meet Basketball Player, Shuka M.

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By Jennifer W.

Do you know a girl who likes to play basketball?  Her name is Shuka M. Shuka is a Sixth Grader at Richardson Middle School and she went to Walteria Elementary.  She is twelve-years- old, her birthday is January 24, and she was born in Torrance.  Shuka also has an older brother who is in Ninth Grade.

Her favorite subject is PE because she likes to be active.

“PE is also great because of all the activities we do,” said Shuka.

Shuka’s favorite movie is Soul Surfer.

“I like this movie because it talks about never giving up,” said Shuka.

She has two dogs and one turtle. The dogs’ names are Bin and Jiro and the turtle is called Turtle.

When she grows up, she wants to be a basketball player.

“I like basketball because I like shooting the ball,” said Shuka.

Her favorite place to go is Hawaii.

“I like going to Hawaii because of the climate and the beach,” said Shuka.

Did you know that Shuka’s favorite holiday is Christmas?

“I like Christmas because I can get presents,” said Shuka.

An interesting fact about Shuka is she does abacus, a calculating tool also known as a counting frame.

Shuka has some goals for the school year.

“I would like to have all A’s for the school year,” said Shuka.

Shuka’s favorite amusement park is Disneyland and her favorite ride there is Splash Mountain.

If you like to play basketball, say hello to Shuka and you may be good basketball buddies!

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