Valentine’s Week Fun: Can You Match The Famous Pairs?

mickey valentinesMatch the following with its famous partner from below. 

Jelly, Pepper, Sonny, Juliet, Lucy, Charlie Brown, Summer, Milk, Ketchup, Pencil, Fork, Bread, Brad Pitt, Fire, Up, Left, Push, In, Light, Black, Sweet, Socks, King, Lilo, Chips, Bride, Cinderella, Finn, Boy, Sun, Spongebob, Hugs, Minnie, Dora, Tom, Mom, Mork, Hot, Macaroni, Jay Z, Sugar, Eggs, Spaghetti, Hammer, Bonnie, Ying, Dog



Tom and Jerry


Mindy, Peanut Butter, Dad, Yang, Nail, Shoes, Queen, Stitch, Salsa, Down, Right, Pull,  Angelina Jolie, Cat, Ricky, Sour, White, Dips, Groom, Prince Charming, Jake, Girl, Moon, Mickey, Cheese, Cold, Beyonce, Bacon, Meatballs, Dark, Patrick, Boots, Spice, Clyde, Lucy, Cookies, Spoon, Paper, Ice, Moon, Kisses, Salt, Romeo, Winter, Mustard, Out, Shoes, Girl, Mickey, Jerry, Cher, Butter, Mindy






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