Students Honored At Grade Level Assemblies

On Thursday, February 13th, Grade Level Assemblies were held to honor students who selected for Student of the Month for November and Honor Roll (Click on this link to find the list of  Honor Roll kids , Other awards given were Leading By Example, Making a Difference, and Hidden Gem.  Congratulations to all of the students honored and we hope to add even more students next time.

6th Grade Awards

Honor Roll 

IMG_3764 IMG_3769 IMG_3772

Lead By Example Awards


Case            Nicky M.

This student comes to class every day ready to learn, and ready to make our class a better place. They have a positive attitude, and often have their hand up to add to our discussions and lessons. They work well with others, and set a great example for everyone in our class. This Lead By Example Award goes to Nicky M.

Medrano     Case S.

This student consistently takes an active role in helping other students and encouraging them to do the right thing. Congratulations, Case S.!

Richmond & Turner      Aubrey L.

This student is an extraordinary student here at RMS. They are an active classroom member who encourages everyone around them to do the right thing. They are positive and a natural leader in their class. They are always smiling and demonstrating kindness and leadership in and out of the classroom. They set high expectations for themselves and are not afraid to work hard. They brighten up the classroom every time they walk through the door. Congratulations, Aubrey L.!

Kissner       Daphne B.

This student is an excellent student who helps others in class. They are a leader in class. Congratulations, Daphne B.!

Newman     Jonathan F.

Ms. Newman has this student twice a day. They are strong academically in both subjects. They organize our monthly “band concert” during Period 4 English. They are a dynamic leader. Congratulations, Jonathan F.!

Turner        Liam C.

This student is an outstanding leader in so many ways. They throw their energy and ability into everything they do. They are confident, committed, and has a positive attitude. Many people are drawn to them because of their sense of humor and leadership skills. Ms. Turner knows that they will do great things in the future. Congratulations, Liam C.!

Schenkelberg        Ryan J.

This student is very encouraging and supportive when they work in collaborative groups. They always have a positive attitude and they do their best to help others. Congratulations, Ryan J.!

Making a Difference Awards


Pearlman    Konor M.

This student is the kind of kid EVERYONE want to sit by. They’re always in a good mood, and their laugh is infectious. It’s impossible to be grumpy when they are around! Congratulations, Konor M.!

Case            Kailia L.

This student enters the room with a smile, and brightens the math and science classes just by showing up. They are helpful, have a willing spirit, and rnriches our discussions and activities. They can be seated anywhere, and they will work with whomever they sit near. This Making a Difference Award goes to Kailia L.

Richmond   Katerina W.

This student is always positive and willing to work with all students. This student shares and encourages others to participate in all activities. Congratulations, Katerina W.!

Kissner       Kayleigh F.

This student is an excellent student who helps everyone in class. They are kind-hearted and are a positive person. Congratulations, Kayleigh F.!

Newman     Annabelle B.

This student is confident in who they are and that strength allows them to show compassion and kindness to others. They are a student who holds a team together, or a class together. They are more powerful than a lightning bolt! Congratulations, Annabelle B.!

Turner        Ellie D.

This student is everything that a teacher might want or expect in a student. They are always prepared, always motivated, and always willing to learn. They have great integrity and does the right thing even when no one is looking. Their positive attitude is contagious and Ms. Turner is so happy that they are in two of her classes. Congratulations, Ellie D.!

Turner        Ella P.

This student is enthusiastic and full of energy. They strive to do well and genuinely wants to help those around them succeed as well. They have an infectious smile. They have a positive attitude toward school and life, and we are lucky to have such as amazing student here at our school. Congratulations, Ella P.!

Schenkelberg        Luke O.

This student has such a kind heart. People really like being around them and they are a pleasure to have in class. Congratulations, Luke O.!

Hidden Gem Awards


Medrano & Schenkelberg        Jenna Y.

This student gives their best effort every day and does it in a quiet and understated way. They are always prepared and shows up to class with a smile on their face. They are a hard-worker who is dedicated to putting forth their best effort. Congratulations, Jenna Y.!

Richmond & Daco                   Ming Wei C.

This student is an amazing student and has made amazing progress in the short amount of time in this country. This student is a highly skilled student, gifted with talents necessary to succeed in any academic setting. This student is very courteous and caring and goes above and beyond what is expected. It is an absolute pleasure to have this student in both of our classes. Your homeroom and ELD class will really miss you, and we wish you well in the future. Congratulations, Ming Wei C.!

Kissner       Matt B.

This student is an excellent student. They are quiet, but amazing at science. They are helpful to all students. Congratulations, Matt B.!

Turner        Andrew R.

This student is a very conscientious student with outstanding work habits. They are self-motivated, kind, and a good friend to their peers. They are a student that quietly does what they are supposed to do without being asked. They display a positive attitude each day and they have the type of a character that we would like to see in all of our students. Congratulations, Andrew R.!

Newman     Madeline E.

This student quietly goes about doing what they need to do. Their best effort is always shown and Ms. Newman can count on them knowing what we are doing (even when she forgets). Congratulations, Madeline E.!

Turner & Bezich   Carli C.

This student is a talented and well-rounded student. Their incredible work ethic, coupled with their ability to work well with others makes them a fantastic role model at RMS. They show perseverance, as they do not ever give up. They are a joy to have in the classroom. Congratulations, Carli C.!

7th Grade Awards

IMG_3783 IMG_3788 IMG_3790

 Lead By Example Awards


Sheu           Camden G.

This student is always an enthusiastic participant and brings positive energy to our class activities. Moreover, this student is mindful and respectful of their peers, and their contributions reflect that of a positive role model! Congratulations, Camden G.!

Carlsson     Aidan T.

When working collaboratively, this student will do whatever is necessary to motivate their group. They do this without even knowing it! Congratulations, Aidan “Ace” T.!

Fujii            Justin M.

This student is a stellar student in math. They learn quickly and help others. They were also very helpful on the GATE trip to Astro Camp. Congratulations, Justin M.!

Nakamura   Simeon T.

This student is very polite and respectful to everyone. They always say “Thank you” and “Please”. They take the time to reflect on their assessments and think about their next steps for their “Student Action Plan”. Congratulations, Simeon T.!

Oden           Logan C.

This student is always encouraging their team in a positive way and is giving 100% at everything they do. A positive influence on the whole class. Congratulations, Logan C.!

Oden           Asya B.

This student is a strong team leader that is always giving their best at everything they do. They are a very positive role model for the entire class. Congratulations, Asya B.!

Pearlman    Nasim R.

This student welcomes a challenge, attacking each assignment with a positive attitude and an open mind. They like to earn good grades (who doesn’t?), but they’re more concerned with their growth as a student. They are a true English scholar! Congratulations, Nasim R.!

Richmond   Stephen Y.

This student is always positive and willing to step in to help others and participates in all tasks. They encourage others students and even better, do it with a sense of humor. Congratulations, Stephen Y.!

Making a Difference Awards


Medrano     George O.

This student is kind and respectful to all students. They also have outstanding classwork, and serve as a positive example. Congratulations, George O.!

Fujii            Kaitlin O.

This student is hard working and is very kind to others. They ask great questions in class and always have a fun, positive demeanor. Congratulations, Kaitlyn O.!

Richmond   Ally G.

Ms. Richmond has had the pleasure of having this student in her class for 2 years now. They are always willing to help others and are always agreeable to participating in class. Congratulations, Ally G.!

Bezich         Jocelyn H.

This student keeps the teacher organized. They do all of the jobs of a TA, plus they write for The Latest Hiss, the school newspaper, when they have a little free time.  They truly Make A Difference in Room 31.  Congratulations, Jocelyn H.!

Willett         Fiona H., Iris H., Jackie L., George O., Julie S. &

Emily W.

On a daily basis, sometimes twice a day, there are individuals who without being reminded make sure that the music room is organized. Before class starts they are organizing the furniture and after class, many days after the bell rings, they make sure that all of the furniture is put away inside the classroom. Without them, the choir would not function as well. Congratulations to my totally awesome organization and clean-up group, Fiona H., Iris H., Jackie L., George O., Julie S. and Emily W.!

Hidden Gem Awards


Carlsson     Kaiya F.

This student shows their classmates what being successful looks like without even saying a word. They are a true inspiration! Congratulations, Kaiya F.!

Mason        Jade K.

This student’s positive mannerism helps me, (Mrs. Mason) start the day off on the right foot. Congratulations, Jade K.!

Mufti          Nicholas U.

This student is a thorough gentleman. He is polite and respectful of peers and adults. He has improved in math and works hard Congratulations, Nicholas U.!

Fujii            Yasmeen H.

This student is hard-working and extremely patient. They do a great job on all of their assignments, and are helpful with others. Congratulations, Yasmeen H.!

Nakamura   Rachel F.

This student is very quiet in class, but they always do their work. They have come in at lunch to ask questions and have stayed after to help other students with their work. Congratulations, Rachel F.!

Holtz           Dong-Ju S.

This student has a positive attitude and persistence in doing their work, in spite of struggling with the English language. Congratulations, Dong-Ju S.!

Pearlman    Alyssa V.

This student is a true team player — doing what needs to be done without drawing attention to themselves or inconveniencing others. They are hard-working, reliable, and tremendously patient. Congratulations, Alyssa V.!

Richmond   Isabelle D.

This student is positive and encouraging to everyone around them. They volunteers to help those around them and always seems to know what to do without even being asked. Congratulations, Isabelle D.!

Kamiyama  Leo I.

This student was recognized by the Los Angeles Clippers as a “Top 5” middle school student, who participated in a fitness challenge. Congratulations, Leo I.!

8th Grade Awards

photo 1IMG_3816 IMG_3819

Lead By Example Award


photo 2

Hirji            Emily K.

This student is always on task and helps others. They work well in groups. They are enthusiastic about doing nice things, like when they took a leadership role during the adopt-a-family project. Congratulations, Emily K.!

Making a Difference Awards

Rodriguez   Keanu Y.

This student always has a smile on their face. They are respectful and thoughtful whenever they are in class or around on campus. They definitely make a difference in 6th period. Congratulations, Keanu Y.!

Yu              Nina J.

This student provided help to their partner without reservation and did so without asking for extra credit or a reward. Their help is very much appreciated and warrants acknowledgement. Congratulations, Nina J.!

Conner        Maya N.

This student is very self-motivated and puts 100% effort into everything they do. They are kind to all students and is willing to help anybody in need. They Make a Difference each and every day in English. Congratulations, Maya N.!

Sheu           Tess R.

This student is self-motivated to help others and has done so on multiple occasions this quarter. Their ability to anticipate the needs of others and follow through makes them a good fit for this award. Congratulations, Tess R.!

Carlsson     Suli C.

Always having a positive attitude, this student spreads joy throughout the room. Whether they know it or not, it Makes a Difference! Congratualtions, Suli C.!

Mason        Lauren P.

This student goes above and beyond their civic duty by taking a dual T.A. role in Mrs. Mason’s and Mr. Fujii’s period 2 classes. Congratulations, Lauren P.!

Hidden Gem Awards

photo (96)

Rodriguez   Jameson C.

This student has been going above and beyond in their Algebra class. They are doing what they can to stay on top of things and catch up on past skills. Congratulation, Jameson C.!

Yu              Yuki M.

This student tries their best and puts all their effort into their studies. They are a reliable and dependable person whose respectful and considerate to their peers, as well as adults. Congratulations, Yuki M.!

Sheu           Madison M.

Although many of Mr. Sheu’s students don’t realize it, this student makes many of your science activities possible! As Mr. Sheu’s T.A., they frequently assist with setting up experiments and organizing activities to make things work for students throughout the day! Congratulations, Madison M.!

Mufti          Patrick P.

This student is a quiet gentle student. Over the years I have seen them get over their shyness and come out of their shell in a positive way. They are very kind and helpful towards their peers. They work hard, perseveres and tries to do well at academics without complaining. Congratulations, Patrick P.!




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