College Week Held March 3-7

College Week is being held all this week.  It is not too late to join in the fun.  College Booths will be up during lunch on Wednesday and Thursday.  Come see what colleges have to offer you as a student thinking about going to one of their campuses.  College Fujii 2

Also, dress the part.  The following are the college wear days.

Monday- Your Favorite College Colors

Tuesday-College Jerseys

Wednesday-College Sweatshirts (College Booths at lunch on the blacktop)

Thursday-College Hats (College Booths at lunch on the blacktop)

Friday-College Shirtsphoto (99)

A PowerPoint will be shown in homerooms that gives information about California schools.  If you have further questions, please ask your teachers.  Everyone is asked to visit a college campus between now and when we return from Spring Break.  We have several within minutes of our campus if you don’t have time to go further away.  Research shows that if a student visits college campuses before they are actually able to apply, they are more likely to attend college than those who don’t visit one. Which one will you visit?  

While on your college campus visit, please take pictures (preferably one of you and the college name) and send it to Ms. Bezich at to put in this school newspaper. Thank you.  




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