The Fairyland Times


Journalism Students were asked to write news articles about characters in fairy tales and other stories.  Can you guess the title of the tale or story?

Granny Kidnapped

By Shannon B.

A girl dress in red visited her granny last Wednesday only to find that she was not there.  All that was there was a few tufts of grey animal hair and her bonnet.  Witnesses say that a big bad hairy animal went into her house and kidnapped her.

“I was going to her house to bring her some bread”, said The Girl Dressed In Red, “but when I arrived, she was gone!”

The police are still trying to find the hairy animal and the granny.  They have put out a warning to lock your doors and always have a phone on speed dial until,what the police describe as a big-eyed beast is caught.

Three Carnivorous Mammals Missing Oatmeal

By Jennifer W.

Three carnivorous mammals came back from their walk on Thursday afternoon to see that someone had eaten their oatmeal.

“We looked everywhere, even under the couch,” said the papa carnivorous mammal who also wanted to know who had been sitting in his chair.

Neighbors said they heard snoring and a chair breaking.  The police are still investigating where the missing oatmeal went and is also warning neighbors to protect their food.

Anemonefish Missing?

By Cristian M.

A young Anemonefish, age 7, has gone missing.  He was last seen at 8:30PM at 2033 Sea Road.

“Have you seen my son?” asked his worried father.

Please call 333-findanemonefish if you see any signs of him swimming, swimming swimming.

Pool Left Behind

by Konor M.

Frozen Liquid Male has been reported missing at 228 Enchanted Road.  Young girl reports that only a water puddle was found in his room.

“When I walked in, I could feel the warm wind coming through the window,” said the young witness.

“Don’t you want to build a snowman?” was all the young girl’s sister could say.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of this Frozen Liquid Man, you are urged to call 922.  You will be rewarded with diamonds.



Hot Oatmeal– May need to microwave.  Please return to Three Carnivorous Mammals.

Amorphous non-crystalline footware -Last seen at the Majestic Dance.  Please return to girl in ashes.

Wish Granter Lamp-Be careful when handling or a singing vaporous comic will emerge.

Loud Vocal Shout Can-If found, please return to the Scared, Inc.  Warning: Do not take off the lid.  Loud Vocal Shout will spill out.

Little Female Human-Be cautious because she might be holding a green slimy amphibian.


Dinglehopper– Found under the sea.  Please swim by and claim.

Antique Wedding Ring-Found Monday in an Easter egg in an old lady’s backyard.

Mysterious Lightening Bolt-Found in shield. Tell Zeus to come and get it.

For Sale

Buy One, Get Four Free!  Red, juicy, crisp apples for sale.  They are to die for.  See the old ugly sorceress for details.

Magic Beans-Guarantee to grow fast and tall beanstalks.  Disclaimer-Seller not responsible for mood of anyone living at the top of the stalk.

fairy tales

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent. 

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