New “Kid” On The Block-Meet Mister Medrano


By Victoria P.

Have you met Mr. Medrano yet? He’s Richardson’s new Social Science and Physical Education teacher. If you don’t have him as a teacher, here are some facts about him just so you can get to know him a little better.

His full name is Robert Medrano, his favorite color is cardinal red and his favorite book is The Grapes Of Wrath.

“My favorite color is cardinal because the color of USC is cardinal red and gold”, said Medrano.

Medrano has only taught at Richardson for two quarters and thinks the best part of being a teacher is knowing that he helped a student succeed when he or she may have been struggling.

One of Medrano’s pet peeves is tardiness.

“I try my best to follow the adage (saying), on time is ten minutes late,” said Medrano.

University of Southern California, California State University, Fullerton, and Los Altos High School are the schools Medrano has attended.

Medrano likes to spend time with family, run, hike, mountain bike, and watch college football.

If Medrano wasn’t a teacher, he would like to write travel guides.

Paris, France is Medrano’s favorite vacation spot.

“I like going to Paris because of their culture, history, and their food”, said Medrano.

Other facts about Medrano are that “Dark knight” is his favorite movie, his favorite food is chili cheese fries, and NCAA football and NHL games are his favorite television shows.

Stop by Room 4 and say “Hi” to Mr. Medrano.  He enjoys meeting new people!

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