Students Invited To Magazine Drive Party


On Friday, March 21st, the following students were invited to attend the Magazine Drive-a-Palooza.  These students sold eight or more magazines.  Congratulations to them and thank you to anyone who helped with this drive.  We hope you enjoy your magazines.  

Jack B.

Sean C.

Kevin C.

Luke C. 

Shane D.

Justin D.

Juana D.

Mitch H.

Halle H.

Michelle I. 

Alaa K.

Safiyah K.

Olivia K.

Lauren L.

Kaila L.

Bailey L.

Katelynn M.

Nicky M.

Justin M.

Victoria P.

Jonathan R.

Andrew R. 

Sara S. 

Annette S. 

Audrey T.

Mia T.

Chris V.

Erin W.

Isaiah Y. 

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