8th Graders React To The Field Trip To The Holocaust Museum


Students in Mrs. Joelle Connor’s class were asked, “What is your reaction, comment or opinion about your experience at the Museum of Tolerance?”  Here are some of their responses.

The museum was a truly moving experience. It was amazing to see what it was really like during the Holocaust.  I enjoyed the museum a lot. – Reid S.

The museum was very interesting and full of knowledge.  The tour was cool with the interaction.  Overall, it was okay.  -Sean L.

The field trip caught my attention. It showed me that if we don’t learn to except things, the Holocaust can happen again.- Author Unknown

My tour guide was an actual Holocaust Survivor.  It was so touching to hear her story and know that she had hope even when she was in Auschwitz.  It shows that you should have hope even in the darkest situations. -Alex K.

The MOT reminded me that no matter how much good was in the world, that there was the same amount of people that are evil, but carry a smile on their face.  – Maryna B.

The MOT is very sad yet very informative.  It cleared up a lot of speculation on current events and the Holocaust too.  Overall, I think that out of all of the field trips I’ve been to, it was one of the best. -Author Unknown

The MOT was boring at first, but it got fascinating halfway through.  It was a great learning experience and can help teach students about the flaws in our world.  -Kenneth P.

We had a Holocaust Survivor as our guide for the museum.  She told us about her experience and it made the Holocaust seem so much more surreal.  -Kate L.

The MOT is sad but very interesting.  It is not boring and will teach you why you should be tolerant of others. You will never forget the experience. – Author Unknown

The MOT influenced me by showing me that what happened in the past could happen again.  It showed me that we can’t make the same mistakes because these things could happen again.  -Kenji K.

The MOT was very tragic and taught me a lot of things.  What was done to the people during the Holocaust will never be forgiven or forgotten!  -Nika L.

The MOT is a place where everyone should visit.  The lessons and information at the museum are vital for this day and era to hear and read. After visiting the museum, I would like to become a docent, that’s how much I enjoyed it.  Plus, the bus ride was really fun! -Grace R.

The MOT was an experience no one will ever forget.  It is the details of what happened during the Holocaust and the one person can change the world.  -Ryan M.

Going to MOT is one of the most memorable days of my life.  It has taught me that the Holocaust shows the worst of mankind.  -Author Unknown

The MOT was a huge learning experience because I learned why you shouldn’t be racist or mean.  There were millions of people killed because they were “different”.  -Anthony R.

When people think of genocides, they automatically think of the Holocaust, nothing else.  When we watched the video about genocides, they named about forty current genocides. The Holocaust was an international terror, but we need to realize there are all the other current genocides and we need to do something about them.  -Norman X.

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