7th Graders React To The Field Trip To Medieval Times


Students in Mrs. Elaine Richmond’s class were asked, “What is your reaction, comment or opinion about your experience at Medieval Times?”  Here are some of their responses.

I loved Medieval Times (MT).  It made me feel like I was in the Middle Ages.  They did a really good job of acting.  It looked real.  -Alan M.

The MT field trip was fun and exciting.  The food was good, like the garlic bread and the cookie.  -Anna L.

I honestly loved the experience…seeing everything going on helped students understand the Middle Ages.  The food was okay, but it was nice how students didn’t have to stay in assigned groups and got to sit with their friends.  -Sarah N.

It was very fun.  The acts were funny.  The food was good and the people were nice.  -Nickie P.

I really liked MT.  It was enjoyable and I liked how we had freedom rather than having to stay with a chaperone.  I liked the show.  It was funny and educational.

-Stephanie P.

MT was an educational experience that summed up what we were learning in class.  It was fun and the performance was very interesting  The workers were helpful and did their jobs well.  Overall, it was a great field trip.  -Unknown Seventh Grader

I enjoyed the field trip to MT a lot.  I feel it gave a good visual of what we are learning this year in Social Studies. -Unknown Seventh Grader

I enjoyed the dinner and the show.  The food was good and I really enjoyed the garlic bread.  This experience was great and I hope I can do it again, someday.

-Unknown Seventh Grader

MT was interesting because they supplied food for you.  It was fun watching the show, even thought the knight I was rooting for didn’t win.  The souvenirs were amazing, but overpriced. -Unknown Seventh Grader

MT was by far the best field trip I have ever gone on.  To sum it all up with one word, I would use “exhilarating”.  -Matt B.


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