Students Honored At Grade Level Assemblies

On Monday, May 5th, Grade Level Assemblies were held to honor students who selected for Student of the Month for March and Honor Roll (Click on this link to find the list of  Honor Roll kids , Other awards given were Hidden Gem, Leading By Example, and Making a Difference. Congratulations to all of the students honored and we hope to add even more students next time.

6th Grade Honor Roll IMG_6875 IMG_6877 IMG_6880   Hidden Gems IMG_6883

Schenkelberg        Daphne B. This student is a kind and caring student who is dedicated to their studies. She always has something interesting to add to classroom discussions and has such a compassionate nature. Congratulations, Daphne B.!

Turner                  Christina P. This student works hard every single day. In math, she has received a 4 on every learning target for the entire year. If she did not receive a 4 the first time, she worked hard to retake it. She has an amazing work ethic and she is truly a Hidden Gem. Congratulations, Christina P.!

Richmond             Jared M. Everyday this student quietly looks around the classroom, figuring out the daily agenda. He is dependable, reliable, quiet thinking. This individual definitely adds to the success of a class. Congratulations, Jared M.!

Schenkelberg        Dominick S. This student has great ideas and an enthusiastic spirit. He showed Ms. Schenkelberg a great game on He is so creative. Congratulations, Dominick S.!

Newman               Kayleigh F. This student is always on task, ready to go no matter what the class status is. Ms. Newman can always count on her to know what is going on and why. She is a true “Hidden Gem”. Congratulations, Kayleigh F.!

Willett                  Sooyon L. and Kayla Y. At the beginning of the school these two quiet, shy, short, young ladies decided that they wanted to join tall flags. They overcame all of their obstacles during the school year and now have become two amazing young ladies who may still be short, but they are bigger than life when they hold a tall flag pole. Congratulations, Sooyon L. and Kayla Y.!


Leading By Example   IMG_6889 Newman/ Schenkelberg           Ellie D. This student works hard and inspires others. She speaks up and shares her thoughts and ideas regularly. She is a wonderful role model for others. This student is “Miss Dependable”. She is always in the “know”. She is an active leader for small groups and large. She could run Ms. Newman’s classroom without help from anyone. She is a true leader. Congratulations, Ellie D.!

Willett                  Min J. This student started out the school a little bit unsure, but filled with lots of questions. He took those questions and applied them to his playing. During the course of the school year, he has single handedly made his entire section practice more, just to avoid losing a challenge to him. Congratulations, Min J.!

Bezich                  Dane G. This student comes into class smiling and ready to work. He never complains and is always prepared to do whatever task is asked of him. His self-motivation is one that other students take notice of and copy. Congratulations to Dane G. for Leading By Example in Ms. Bezich’s 6th Grade ELA class!

Oden                    Avalon B. This student is a great role model for the rest of the class by having a great attitude, work ethic and a positive attitude all of the time. Congratulations, Avalon B.!

Turner                  Bailey Lucich This student is hard working. She is always ready, always prepared, and always willing to do her best. She is a loyal friend and treats her peers and teachers with kindness and respect. Congratulations, Bailey L.!

Willett                  Marcus C. This student always is prepared for class and quietly leads students to do the right thing. He has excelled on learning his instrument and in doing so have helped to support the entire band. Congratulations, Marcus C.!

Richmond             Olivia K. This student always actively tries to help and encourage others to do the right thing. Her positive attitude encourages others to always do the right thing. Congratulations, Olivia K.!

Oden                    Gabby P. This student always has a great attitude and is a positive influence for the rest of the class. Congratulations, Gabby P.!

Willett                  Julia B. This student has spent endless hours learning the art of perfection. She continues to work even when everyone else has taken a break. She encourages others to try their best and on her own assists students who are struggling. Congratulations, Julia B.!

Making a Difference


Pearlman              Katelynn M.   When the yearbook deadline had passed, and certain staff members had failed to complete their pages, as promised, this student quietly took over and saved the day! She logged in, without being asked, saw the blank pages, and put together an awesome page in a super short period of time. She’s a true team player (and Ms. Pearlman’s personal superhero!) Congratulations, Katelynn M.!

Schenkelberg        Aiden L.   This student is thoughtful, insightful and considerate. He is a pleasure to have in class and contributes his positive energy to class discussions. Congratulations, Aiden L.!

Bezich                  Connor R.   This student goes beyond the duties of being a student. He is always prepared and is always willing to help others and the teacher. He puts extra effort into his work to be sure it is the best he can do. He makes a difference every day by just coming to class. Congratulations, Connor R.!

Hirji                      Mindy W.   This student stands up for everyone. She is caring, generous, and selfless. Congratulations, Mindy Wynne!

Richmond             Annette S.   This student is able to work with all classmates with a positive attitude. She looks for the solution, not the problem. Her positive and reflective personality helps to bring out the best in all. Congratulations, Annette S.!

Newman               William B.   Everyday this student brings “life” to Ms. Newman’s 6th period class. He shares ideas and concerns, but most of all they share them self. Congratulations, William B.!

Turner                  Mia E.   This student is kind and considerate to everyone. She is a great person, a fantastic student and a wonderful role model here at RMS. Congratulations, Mia E.!

7th Grade Honor Roll

IMG_6906 IMG_6911 IMG_6915

Hidden Gems



Bezich                  Jasmine W. This student stood out in the rain during an unusual downpour between classes. She ran from person to person with her umbrella helping others to stay dry, all while she was getting wet. To see this person in action, you may see the video on The Latest Hiss. They are truly a Hidden Gem! Congratulations, Jasmine W.!

Fujii                      Nicholas C. This student is hard-working and is a pleasure to have in class. He is well-liked by their classmates, many of whom have requested to sit near him. Congratulations, Nicholas C.!

Richmond             Ryan W. This student is quietly amazing! Aside from participation, help to others, and keeping the teacher on top of homework assignments, every morning this student is positive, has a great attitude and helpful to all. Congratulations, Ryan W.!

Making a Difference



Carlsson               Ellie B. This student is always attentive and excited in class. She models excellent life skills without even knowing it. Congratulations, Ellie B.!


Fujii                      Julie S. This student is well-liked by both teachers and students. She is a willing participant in class and is a very hard-working student. Congratulations, Julie S.!

Case                     Bryce M. This student walks into Ms. Case’s room with a smile, a positive attitude, and is ready to help in any way needed. He is a T.A., but he is happy to help anyone who needs his assistance anywhere on campus. Ms. Case’s 6th grade students have enjoyed seeing him every day and so has Ms. Case. Congratulations, Bryce M.!


Richmond             Noelle S. This student has a rare gift for working with all class partners in a compassionate, non-judgemental manner. This student seeks the solution not the problem to all people getting along. Congratulations, Noelle S.!


Willett                  Benjamin W. This student goes the extra mile. He works very hard to achieve that next level of musicianship. He even spends three days a week at lunch perfecting his playing. Congratulations, Ben W.!


Case                     Stephanie P. This student is incredibly organized. She can run off complicated lists of copies, and keep them in order. She enters Ms. Case’s room everyday ready to work, with a positive attitude, and a smile on her face. She is a T.A, but has helped other teachers, and even the office when needed. Congratulations, Stephanie P.!

Leading By Example



Mason                  Nick B. If Ms. Mason was a middle school student, she would enjoy having this student as her seat partner, because he is patient and helpful. Congratulations, Nick B.!


Pearlman              Natalie T. and Sarah N. Designing a yearbook is no small feat! It requires committed, dedicated students who are able to take initiative, manage their time, meet deadlines, proactively plan for problem, and – unfortunately—often take on more than they bargained for, especially when other staff members fail to follow through, as promised. These two ladies, in particular, were an integral part of our yearbook staff, designing multiple pages and committing much of their free time to ensuring every student at RMS will be represented in, and proud of, our yearbook. Congratulations, Natalie T.and Sarah N.!


Oden                    Matthew T.  This student is an outstanding athlete who is a great leader for the class. He does a fantastic job as a team leader and he has a very good attitude all the time. Congratulations, Matthew T.!


Richmond             Isabelle D. This student manages attendance, class participation, and leadership on all levels to make students accomplish goals. She is always positive and always with a smile. Congratulations, Isabelle D.!


Willett                  Amber W. This student has spent endless hours learning the art of perfection. She continues to work even when everyone else has taken a break. She encourages others to try their best and on her own assists students who are struggling. Congratulations, Amber W.!


Newman               Ryan M. This student is a hard worker who challenges themself and others to do their very best. He is someone who Ms. Newman counts on every day. Congratulations, Ryan M.!


Oden                    Stephen Y. This student does a great job as a team leader, is very positive and is always on task. He is also a fantastic example for the rest of the class. Congratulations, Stephen Y.!

 8th Grade Honor Roll

Awards HR 8 1 Awards HR 8 2

Hidden Gems

Awrds Gem 8


Mufti                    Nicholas R. This student has shown great improvement over the year. He had to overcome many challenges in a new school. Congratulations, Nicholas R.!

Willett                  Masaki A., Kiyotaka A. These students are section leaders in the Advanced Band, members of the RMS Jazz Band, and the RMS Drumline. They quietly pursue the task of achieving perfection on all of their instruments. Congratulations to Masaki A., and Kiyotaka A.!


Making a Difference

Awards Making 8


Rodriguez             Charlie P. This student works well with others.  She is kind and patient and willing to help others without concern for her own grade or completion of the task.  She stepped up, leading her group and made them a team until the job was done. Congratulations, Charlie P.!

Willett         Tyler S., Taery K., Melina I., Hayato E. This student goes the extra distance week in and week out. They play in the RMS Jazz Band, the RMS Drumline, as well as the RMS Advanced Band. Giving up three lunches a week to pursue new musical endeavors. In addition this student also spends at least one day a week after school practicing the drums. Congratulations to Tyler S., Taery K., Melina I., and Hayato E.!

Leading By Example

Awards Lead 8

Fujii                      Gus M. This student has shown great improvement and effort this year. He has been a positive, mature influence in class. He works hard and stands up for others. Congratulations, Gus M.!

Carlsson               Leon J. Investing in one’s own education is rare at such a young age, yet this student exhibits this through his eagerness to be successful. Congratulations, Leon J.!

Pearlman              Chloe B. When the most popular, sought after pages in the yearbook weren’t coming together, as planned, this student volunteered to assist the staff member in charge. When that staff member backed out, three weeks before the deadline, this student stepped up to take on a massive project – and pulled it off brilliantly! For the past month, she has been feverishly working on getting the most labor intensive pages of the yearbook completed, and she’s done it all with little to no help (and with a positive attitude!) Congratulations, Chloe B.!

Newman               Michelle B. This student challenges 6th, 7th and 8th graders. She is a strong TA, who interacts with 6th graders well. She is a strong, capable young lady, who sets an example that is tough to follow. Congratulations, Michelle B.!

Congratulations to all of our award winners!


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