Chinese YoYos Come To RMS

Daniel W. shows off his Chinese YoYo skills.
By Jocelyn H.

The Chinese YoYo, the second oldest toy (following the doll) in the world which dates back to the Ming Dynasty (1386-1644 A.D.) It was created a long time ago but there is no known inventor. It is also called Empty Bell, Pulling Bell, or Wind Bell. The YoYo was originally made from bamboo or wood, which has been modified to plastic because bamboo and wood are too fragile to perform complicated tricks. 
The YoYo consists of two wheels connected to each other so that the center of mass is where the string goes. With the weight evenly spread out, the performer can accomplish many different tricks.
This toy is great for improving coordination, concentration, and discipline. People need to concentrate on the movement of their hands to balance the YoYo; this also requires a lot of practice. But, all of the practice time will pay off when people master the skills and perform the tricks to an audience.
Today, the Chinese YoYo is very popular, as it provides many benefits. If you need to improve your coordination, concentration, and discipline and have time to practice, the Chinese YoYo will be the perfect toy for you!
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