Student Council Makes A Difference At RMS

Student Council

By Jocelyn H.


Have you ever wondered about who helps to make the numerous events at RMS, like the after school dances or the Team Trivia competitions at lunch? All of these events aren’t possible with the amazing Student Council.


Michael Fujii, the teacher who leads Students Council, encourages kids to join for their elective.


“Student Council gives kids and students a chance to organize and run events that they like; it also gives them a voice,” said Fujii.


Fujii also explains that the group puts on lots of events, like class competitions. This year, their main goals were to improve events and try new things. All of these events are to provide fun things to do during lunch and make sure that students have a fun experience at RMS.


In addition to providing students at school a fun time, kids participating in Student Council have also enjoyed the time.


Elisa B., the President of Student Council, says, “It’s pretty cool being President. I get to be in charge of something that’s actually significant. I can get people’s spirits up. I never expected to become friends with Sixth and Seventh graders.”


The Vice President agrees.


“It’s pretty good, getting honored and all. It’s pretty fun. After all, I got to design the t-shirts for the Leadership class,” said Sho M.


Other students like the experience too. Abby E., a Seventh Grader, says that “planning the events is fun”.


Carmen S. adds that “teamwork is the key to make the events successful”.


Sydney M. says that “making events for the school is fun”.


Sixth Graders Sam M. and Aubrey L. both enjoy being in the Student Council. Sam likes to be involved in a lot of things, while Aubrey learned how to be a leader, which helps her to get to know the school better.


The next time you join an event at school, just remember that it’s most likely organized by Student Council. Most of the events you participate in couldn’t be possible without the help of the RMS Student Council.



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