Mesta Wins Rattlesnake Award!



Richardson’s own Edithza Mesta is the first 2016 recipient of the prestigious Richardson Rattlesnake Award! This award is given to the teacher who has stood out for their exceptional achievements both in the classroom and in the Richardson community. So what are some of Richardson’s favorite things about Mesta?

“She’s enthusiastic and gives you another opportunity to get a better grade. Plus, she’s always positive and not negative or mean,” said seventh grader, Omar I.

Other students enjoy her class as well.

“She’s very considerate. I just transferred from Michael Fuji’s class to hers, and she helped me and allowed me to make up all of my quizzes. She’s very open and plays fun math games with us!” exclaimed Rami A., a new addition to Mesta’s  fifth period class.

Mesta makes learning fun.

Seventh grader, Stephanie G., stated, “Mrs. Mesta always jokes around with our period and is really nice and almost always smiling.”

Fellow teachers have praise for Mesta too.

“Mrs. Mesta has been following math standards and Common Core strategies from day one. She uses technology, multiple levels of depth of knowledge, and has very high numbers of student engagement,” praised fellow math teacher, Stephany Nakamura.

Mesta is in her second year at Richardson, and has already made a name for herself on campus. From her interactive chemistry lessons to her exciting math games, Mesta works hard every day to engage, challenge, and help her students grow as learners.

“Mrs. Mesta incorporates fun activities into the lessons, and they’re really engaging. I haven’t really liked math in the past, but the fun lessons help me appreciate math more, and I like it better than I did before,” said seventh grade math student, Izzy M.

Aside from her outstanding teaching skills, Mesta brings joy to both her students and fellow staff members through her friendly smile and the donuts she often brings to share. Thank you, Mrs. Mesta, for all that you do!

Did you know…?

Mesta has skydived before.

If Mesta wasn’t a teacher, she would be a pediatrics doctor.

Mesta runs half marathons.

Submitted by Stacia Arnold.

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