Pi Day To Be Held On Monday

Pi Day

This month’s Pillar of Character is Trustworthiness.  This month, we are focusing on putting trust in our fellow classmates along with learning to trust ourselves.

This Monday March 14th, (Pi Day), the Leadership Ambassadors are hosting a lunchtime activity called “Trust The Crust”.  This is an obstacle course that includes two people on a team.  One partner is responsible for taking the other partner that is blindfolded through the obstacle course.  They have to trust that their partner is going to direct them in the right direction.

At one point in the obstacle course, there will be paper plates filled with whipped cream and your partner has to eat the whipped cream as fast as they can. So, come and join us for Pi Day celebration and a bring a friend you can trust.  Remember the Pi we are talking about is the number, but whip cream is still involved. If you have any questions , please ask Mrs. Beck in Room 23.

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