Rattlesnake Field Day: Thanks To All Of Those Who Participated


Photos taken by Stephen B. and  Ashley E.

Our Rattlesnake Challenge was a huge success and we hope you enjoyed Field Day! Additionally, with your help we were able to meet our school-wide fundraising goal of $8,000…which means that Principal Drummond will be wearing a traditional kilt* and speaking in a Scottish accent all day this Friday! Way to go, Rattlesnakes!!

kilt*Kilt- any short, pleated skirt, especially a tartan wraparound, as that worn by men in the Scottish Highlands. (For more information, click on the following  link.) http://www.dictionary.com/browse/kilt?s=t 

Where is Scotland?



Did you know that the game of golf originated in Scotland and quite often Scottish Bagpipers are hired to play at sunset on courses all over the world?


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