Congratulations To The “How Did Mr. Drummond Break His Arm?” Contest Winners

IMG_1231 (1)

The “How did Mr. Drummond break his arm?” writing contest was held two weeks ago.  153 entries were collected and six people won!  The top winner was Bailey K. whose essay was read over the public announcements speaker for all to hear.

Other winners included: Aidan A., Victoria B., Amanda M., Lisa L., Cait C., and Megan Y.  Students were treated to lunch with Principal Drummond and their essays will appear on this website soon.

The real story behind Mr. Drummond’s cast is that he was at a Kings Hockey Game and he tripped over something landing on his left shoulder.  He now wears a sling and hopes to heal in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks to all who participated in the writing contest.

Our next writing competition will be a poetry contest to be held in the middle of April for Poetry Month.  We hope all of you will participate.  Listen for details in upcoming bulletin announcements and on this website.

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