Contest Winners’ Essays: How Did Mr. Drummond Break His Arm?

Snoopy Writing

The following are the winning essays from the writing contest held in March.  Thank you to all who participated. Our next contest will be poetry.  Watch for it coming soon.

Broken Arm

By Bailey K. I.

Mr. Drummond made his last goodnight to Richardson and left in his car home. After dinner with his family, Drummond went into a deep sleep. Suddenly, he felt a cold breeze on his face and heard a loud humming noise. He was lying on the ground, not a person in sight, with wounds dotted on his skin. Weirdest of all, he was dressed in a teal bodysuit with a black cape, on the front were the words “Rattlesnake Man”.

“Nice to see you again Drummond,” said a mysterious voice.

Drummond got off the ground.  The mysterious voice came from his worst ally, Mr. Mosley, principal of Calle Mayor.

“What are you doing here Mosley?” said Drummond.

“I am not Mosley, I am Bulldog Man!” he yelled while punching the air with one arm. “Now it is revenge time!”

Drummond and Mosley were good friends until the Calle vs Richardson Basketball game. Mosley shot up in the sky with his long red cape and let out a giant bark. Drummond fell back to the ground and covered his ears. Around Drummond’s arms were buttons.  He touched the biggest button and aimed at Mr. Mosley. Rattlesnakes shot out and wrapped around Mosley’s arms and legs.

“You got me now but let’s see about this,” Mosley said.

Mosley let out the loudest bark and the rattlesnakes came zooming back into Drummond’s arms without a warning. All the sudden weight on Drummond’s arms made him fall to the ground, he slowly closed his eyes and passed out.

“Hello,” a lady in a nurse’s outfit said.

“Oh, it was just a dream,” Drummond said.

He looked down and saw a white cast on his arm and a teal bodysuit with a black cape, on the front of the suit were the words “Rattlesnake Man”.


How did Mr. Drummond Break his Arm?

By Cait C.

Once upon a time… there was a team of spies who wore the color of burgundy. They were the Burgundy Spies. Their names were Magellan (AKA Mr. Drummond) and Columbus and they traveled all around the world in search of crimes when one day, they found one.

“Magellan, we have an emergency. The princess unicorn fairies were flying up the rainbow into LaLa Rainbow World when the snorting pig dragons took their corn on the cob,” Columbus announced.

“Well Columbus, you know what to do. Meet me at Popsicle Forest so then we can enter the Rainbow Portal to LaLa Rainbow World,” Magellan stated.

“Will do Magellan!”

Columbus and Magellan had safely traveled to the Popsicle Forest and had began to climb up the same rainbow that the princess unicorn fairies had flew up when they had been robbed.

“We are in the clear! Two minutes until we reach LaLa Rainbow World!” Columbus  announced proudly.

The Burgundy Spies strutted on up the rainbow. Little did they know that they were about to be greeted by the mean snorting pig dragons.

“Oh no! Not the snorting pig dragons!”

The dragons marched right up to the spies and pushed them off of the rainbow. Columbus had landed on a cotton candy cloud, but Magellan had landed on the pop rocks. He did survive, luckily, but he sadly broke his arm.


Bionic Humans

By Lisa L.

Beep! Beep! I groaned as I struggled out of bed for another mission. I grabbed a handful of protein pellets and munched on them while I read the mission alert. I reluctantly let Shelley know I wouldn’t be at school. Bionic robots were attaching our space colony. I brought my exoskeleton, a robot that fights at my command and boarded 17-BI. I plopped on my seat and hit the flight button.

Shooo… My ship whispered as we landed on Gieitia. It is located in a dome in which oxygen is recycled. My first move was to evacuate everyone immediately with Exo.

¨Hey. Who are you? You are bionic. Must. Be. Eliminated.”

¨Uh oh,¨ I thought. I managed to duck as the first laser was fired.

¨Exo! Quick.  Lung capacity.  Breathe!¨

Instead of attacking the robots, he blew towards me. I yelled as I activated my force field. I guessed that they had an override app in their bionic chip. I was outnumbered.

Then I had an idea. As much as it pained me, it was necessary. I slowly pressed the trigger in my mission suit and Exo exploded. When I first made Exo, I installed a self-destructor in case people steal Exo for reasons other than helping people.

The robots were furious and attacked me. They hit a chandelier that fell on my arm. I screamed in pain, and used molecular kinesis to lift it up. I dragged my crippled arm and hurried into a secret lab. I added another bionic ability to my bionic chip: override app.

I ran over to where the robots were looking for me and made them destroy each other. Then I returned home, treated my arm (I had to get a cast), and went back to being Principal Ian, not Bionic Superhero Ian.


The Magic Mirror

By Victoria B.

In a land, very far from here, a man named Mr. Drummond lived in an isolated, small cottage.  He raised sheep for a living.  For each one of his sheep, he got paid twelve cents.

One day Mr. Drummond decided to take a walk down a trail he lived near.  Around three minutes into the walk, he spotted himself.  He thought it was some sort of long lost twin, but he realized that it was a mirror he was looking into just in front of him.  It wasn’t any ordinary mirror.  It was the most beautiful mirror anyone could ever imagine.  It had a gold frame and diamonds scattered throughout the glass.  

As he was admiring the mirror, he touched the glass, and his hand disappeared.  It was like his hand was never there.  He stepped into the glass, and that was it.  He was gone.  

He closed his eyes, frightened.  Seconds later he opened them.  He recognized the place where he was transported.   Wonderland.  

As a kid, he remembered hearing stories about Wonderland, but he never would have thought it ever existed.  He started to walk.  As he did so, he heard someone behind him.  He started to run.  Run for his life.  

He tripped over a small white rabbit.  When he felt a card shape man stab him with a spade staff until he blacked out.  

When he gained consciousness, he saw a queen.  The Queen of Hearts.   She demanded, “Cut through half of the bone in his arm.  He should be lucky I’m sparing him, and send him back to his world!”

Her servants did just that.  He woke up in his bed, not knowing of the adventure he just took part in, and he lived happily ever after…except for his broken arm.    


Mr. Drummond’s Mythical Mischief

By Amanda M.

One sunny day, Mr. Drummond was riding on a unicorn. He didn’t see where the unicorn was running to, and he fell into a cheesecake time machine.

“AHH!!!” Mr. Drummond said scaredly.

The unicorn finally landed on top of a giant doughnut. He looked at a tall billboard sign.

“Unicornlandia Cheesecake Factory?” Mr. Drummond said surprised.

“Yes,” said the unicorn on which Mr. Drummond was riding.

Mr. Drummond was about to faint because he was very confused. Then, him and the unicorn flew into the factory. As they entered, the automatic-graham cracker doors, Mr. Drummond saw his favorite type of cheesecake.

“Is that a Double-Marshmallow Creamilicious with rainbow sprinkles and chocolate drizzle cheesecake?” asked Mr. Drummond excitedly.

“Yes, how did you know?” said one of the unicorn cheesecake factory workers.

“Well, if I can smell it, I can find it!” Mr. Drummond said very happily.

The unicorn majestically sprinted towards the delightful cheesecake, as Mr. Drummond was barely holding on.

“YEE-HAA!” said Mr. Drummond.

Suddenly, the unicorn tripped over a large cherry, and mr. Drummond flew off the unicorn.

“Ouch! My arm!” said Mr. Drummond, in pain.

The unicorn police rushed over, and wrapped Mr. Drummond’s arm in bright pink wrap.

“Sorry, this was the only wrap we could find,” said the unicorn police.

“It’s ok,” said Mr. Drummond.

After Mr. Drummond was taken to the Unicornlandia hospital. There, he was getting treated. One of the unicorn doctors said that Mr. Drummond had a broken arm.

“Aw man,”  Mr. Drummond replied sadly.

With that news, Mr. Drummond received a Double-Marshmallow Creamilicious with rainbow sprinkles and chocolate drizzle cheesecake slice. One of the unicorns carefully took Mr. Drummond back to the cheesecake time machine and Mr. Drummond went home.


Unicorn Magic

By Megan Y.

After breakfast Mr. Drummond and his three lovely children went outside to have some fun. Rose was practicing ballet. Caleb was jumping around and acting like a ninja. Jenna was obviously pretending to be a superhero.

That’s when it all happened… Jenna accidentally slipped and smacked Mr. Drummond and he fell to the ground. Then all of a sudden, POOF! Sparkles were everywhere. In all those sparkles a rainbow unicorn popped out of nowhere.

“Ouch!” Mr. Drummond shouted in pain.

“Hello! Nice to meet you. I am Marlanda the Unicorn doctor. It seems as if you are in  pain,” said the rainbow unicorn in a very sweet voice.

“Dad! That’s the tooth fairy!” squealed Rose in excitement.

“Excuse me, but may I ask why you are here?” Mr. Drummond asked.

“I am Marlanda, a doctor, and I came to get the pain out of your body,” she replied cheerfully. Mr. Drummond didn’t know what to do, should he really trust a unicorn as a doctor? But his arm felt really numb and he couldn’t resist the pain.

“All you need to do is lay down right here and I will sprinkle the dust on you,” she said. Mr. Drummond did as he was told. His children was just standing there in confusion. As soon as he layed down Marlanda sprinkled the magic dust on his body.

“I don’t  think the pain is going away, in fact, I think the pain is getting worse,” Mr. Drummond said with fear.

“Impossible! Wait, uh… I think I accidentally sprinkled the wrong dust!” the unicorn replied.

“What! I knew that I shouldn’t have trusted you,” he said with anger in his voice.

“Sorry,” she said. Just like that, she disappeared, and now Mr. Drummond was stuck with a broken arm.


Mr.Drummond And The Game

By Aidan A.

This is how the greatest hockey game ever played happened. Ian Drummond, the star player of the L.A. Kings, was running late to the final game of the season. It was the Kings against the Ducks. This game wasn’t going to be like any ordinary hockey game, it was going to be played in the sky. The only way to get to the floating stadium was by plane. All of the players were already the waiting for their star player to arrive. Unfortunately, Mr. Drummond was stuck on a plane and was really late because of air traffic.

When Mr. Drummond finally arrived he was greeted by his coach who rushed and said, “Where were you?  You are thirty minutes late.”

He was especially grumpy and when Mr. Drummond tried to explain, his coach rushed him to the locker room to get ready. Once Mr. Drummond was done getting into uniform, the team skated out onto the rink and the game started. Once they dropped the puck, Mr. Drummond smacked it towards a teammate that shouted, “Pass”.

Unfortunately, an enemy player came up and stole the puck. The Ducks skated down the ice and shot it into the goal.

A teammate came up and said, “That was fast.”

The rest of the game,  they trailed the Ducks by two to three points. Eventually, it got tied with forty seconds left. The Ducks had the puck and moved in for a shot. Mr. Drummond then crossed in front and stole it. He moved up the rink with a pursuer behind and lined up for a final shot. Mr. Drummond smacked the puck and scored. Unfortunately, Mr. Drummond lost balanced and broke his arm on the ice. Mr. Drummond sacrificed his arm for the win!

Did you know…?  Mr. Drummond really hurt his shoulder at a Kings Game because he tripped over something at the Staples Center.  He was wearing a sling, but seldom needs to wear it now.  He is on the mend.  We believe the essays students wrote helped the healing process by brightening his spirits.  Thank you.  🙂

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