Student Council Kids Perform at Behavior Assembly

By Ellie H.

Positive behavior is an important key factor in every school.

“What is positive behavior?” You may ask.

Well, positive behavior is an affirmative quality or attribute that can improve the general welfare community of a school. Some examples are helping each other with school work, complimenting each other on your way to class, and making sure we are being respectful to everyone.

Why is this so important? Positive behavior is a big part of school. It’s one of the reasons why our school community is so close and we all know each other. If we treat each other with respect, fairness, and be understanding, we will look forward to going to school more everyday.

Let’s think of positive behavior as a charm bracelet. For every positive interaction you have with your student body (saying hello, etc.) the whole school’s bracelet gains a charm. For every positive interaction there is on school, we’ll start gaining more charms.            

In the end, we’ll have a full charm bracelet. In other words, a better community at school, and a better environment to talk to new people and learn.

After all, aren’t full charm bracelets prettier than bracelets with nothing on them?

That’s why our school held the positive behavior assembly. This assembly was a collection of many skits, and the actors were students from our leadership team.

These four skits represented major lessons for positive behavior. They consisted of many morals such as don’t listen to peer pressure, be respectful, stop bullying, and to not cheat or plagiarize.

“We wanted to bring up major issues at school that we believed were wrong,” said Seventh Grader Alyssa C.

Other students felt their experience as students helped.

“Especially as students, we really can see what happens around the school and we just want to address them,” said  Eighth Grader Jenna G.

Positive behavior is really important to the leadership students.

“I hope our assembly really makes students second think themselves before they do something bad,” said Seventh Grader Carly F.

Other students agree.

“Positive behavior is important because we want everyone to be set up for success and the bad attitudes shouldn’t become a habit,” said Jenna G.

You heard it from the Leadership students! Hopefully, positivity can spread around our school as fast as a bullet! Remember to add onto the chain of positivity because the more there is, the better the whole school will be in the end.

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