Part 1: Meet Some of The Journalism Staff



                                                                  Sally M.

By Kristina J.

Have you meet eighth grader Sally M.? Sally is an eighth grade student whose favorite movie is “Deadpool”!

“I know it sounds weird that I think it is cool she likes “Deadpool”, but I have never meet a girl whose favorite movie is “Deadpool” said Sally.

 Sally would like to live in Florida.

“I would like to live in Florida, but after the hurricane is over with of course,” said Sally.

Sally considers herself awkward.“Well, I guess I would consider myself awkward,” said Sally.

One of Sally’s favorite clothing store is Hollister. She also likes wearing Nike shoes, eating ramen, drawing, and she prefers California Adventure over Disneyland.

“ I would prefer California Adventure over Disneyland for sure,” said Sally.

Even though Sally’s favorite movie is “Deadpool” doesn’t mean he is her favorite character. Her favorite character is actually “Howl” from Howl’s Moving Castle.

Sally would like to be a writer when grows up. She enjoys writing in journalism class and during her free time she likes to watch youtube.

An interesting fact about Sally is that “out of ALL my family in America, I am the only one that is under twenty years old!”

Can you believe that?! Whether you’re walking down the hall going to your next period or your walking to the blacktop for lunch and you see Sally, make sure you say “Hi”.



                                                            Harry K.

By Elliot L.

Harry K. calls himself the “new kid” because it’s his first year at Richardson and he’s in seventh grade.

He says, “Richardson is a great school.”

Even though it’s his first year he wishes that he were here for all three years.

Some of his favorite things are mashed potatoes, the brand Amazon, and the color is blue. When he was sharing his favorite time of year he said that his favorite season is winter because his birthday was is in it.  He also loves chocolate, one time when he was on a trip he bought a candy bar at every place he went to that had one.

During the weekend, Harry loves to read a good book. True to his name his favorite book  is Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling. Although he loves this book, he made it very clear that he was not named after the book.

His favorite after school program is Model United Nations. MUN is a statewide program to teach middle schoolers how to speak in front of large groups and how world politics.

“I love MUN because I get to meet people from all around the state and make new friends,” said Harry.

If you are ever at a Model United Nations event, introduce yourself to Harry.

IMG_0710 (1)

                                                        Theodore N.

By Chloe H.

Do you know Seventh Grader Theodore N.?  He is twelve years old and his birthday is November eleventh, also known as Veteran’s day!

If you don’t know him yet, here are some interesting facts about him.

Theodore’s favorite subject is history with Mrs. Julie Yu. He loves history so much that he collects WWII  memorabilia. Theodore got them from his grandpa who served in WWII.

“I collect helmets, canteens, flags, and uniforms,” said Theodore.

Theodore’s favorite color is orange. He has played the piano for eight years and enjoys playing soccer and baseball.

Theodore had a dog and a fish. His fish’s name is Poppy that Theodore got from a festival. The beloved dog’s name is Tootsie and was found on the streets of Lynwood.

“We found her eating garbage,” said Theodore.

If he could be any animal, Theodore would be a jellyfish.

Like his parents, Theodore wants to be an orthopedic surgeon when he grows up.

One of Theodore’s hobbies is building model trains.

“I enjoy building lego model trains and real steel lionel trains,” said Theodore.

Theodore loves fried lobsters, Kitkats, and cheese pie. He unbelievably speaks Greek fluently. Theodore goes camping with the Boy Scouts every month.

Theodore has been to so many places. Greece, Germany, Austria, Macedonia, and Albania are just a few places he has been. He is surely going places!

Theodore is a really funny person so, if you ever see him be sure to say “hello”.



                                                       Elliot L.

By Amber Khe

Do you know someone who can be described as athletic, likes Kendrick Lamar, and their favorite TV show is Teen Titans Go?! Well I do! His name is Elliot L. He’s a very interesting person, so I’ll bet you want to hear more about him! Stay tuned to find out!

Sixth Grader Elliot L. is an athletic and sporty person. In fact, his favorite clothing store is Nike, and his favorite shoe is Nike also!

Speaking of sports, Elliot loves to play basketball and likes to shoot some hoops during his free time.

Because of his love for sports, his favorite movie is The Flash.

“I like it because the main character is fast and athletic,” said Elliot.

Elliot’s favorite actor is even Grant Gustin, the man playing the main character in The Flash.

A few other interesting facts of Elliot is that his favorite color is black, and he has a cat named Lucky, and a dog named Loba.

If you want to meet Elliot, check the basketball court, you’ll probably find him there. Say “hi” and maybe you can shoot some hoops with him. He might even be able to give you some pointers! I won’t be surprised if Elliot grows up to be a professional basketball player!

IMG_0698 (1)

                                                          Dillon M.

By Yewon K.

Have you met Seventh Grader Dillon M. yet? He is a talkative guy (so he says) guy with a friendly personality (if he likes you). Here’s a few facts about him.

Dillon’s favorite color is blue and his hobbies are playing basketball, tennis, and video games, and his favorite video game is Injustice 2.

“I enjoy playing sports and videogames with my friends because-I do,” said Dillon.

His favorite singer is Kendrick Lemar, and his favorite YouTube Channel is “Logan Paul Blogs.”

“I think he has good content,” said Dillon.

His greatest accomplishment is talking his parents into or as he says, “hacking the parental system” to give him fifty bucks a month as his allowance. FIFTY!

His version of a perfect world is being rich with tons of sports cars. He likes electronics more than reading by a little bit.

“I just want a world without problems-and a lot of sports cars!” said Dillon.


                                                           Genesis O.

By Ellie H.

Have you ever stolen anything from your family and gotten to know a president personally? I can tell you who has, Genesis O.! Who is she exactly? You might have seen her along the halls, walking a dog, drawing, playing golf, and hanging out with her best friend Sophia. F. These are just some of the hobbies she enjoys doing in her spare time.

She has goals and envisions her future, but the best thing she has over some in her life is taking care of her dog, Nelly, for a whole week by herself. You may all be wondering why, but she believes that it taught her how to be a more responsible person and now she can take care of her dog in the future.

Her love for dogs is undeniable and she would love to be a dog for a day. Genesis’s dog is a mini schnauzer and her undying love for her dog, inspires her to be a pet rescuer.

One moment that has impacted her life is when her brother left for the military. Not only does she miss him, she also has goals for herself this. She wants to get good grades this year and eventually go to college to meet new people.

Her biggest goal is to become successful in life and live with her family.

Genesis believes that she’s interesting and one word to describe her is weird.

Something to know about Genesis is she once stole her brother’s Beats and he never found out, she hopes he eventually doesn’t too! Shh!

Her favorite snack is Cheez-its with lime, which she enjoys snacking on, on the way to Mexico, her favorite place to visit. Speaking of Mexico, her fourth generation grandpa was actually the President of Mexico!

If you ever see Genesis around, start a conversation with her. Maybe she might tell you the amazing achievements of her grandpa.


IMG_0717 (1)

                                                          Alex P.

By Annabelle H.

Have you ever met Alex P. before? Well you have probably seen her with her signature red sweatshirt and short hair walking down the halls. If you haven’t, well here is a bunch of facts that will help you get to know her better.

Did you know that Alex’s role model is Squidward? She loves the fine tunes of his clarinet and his common love for art and his anger towards the world.

Her dream job is to be an author. I can imagine her writing the sweet tales of Squidward riding off into the sunset on Gary, leaving his lunch break from the Krusty Krab.

Alex has many dreams and accomplishments, but something she’s really proud of is, eating the entire giant bag of pirate’s booty.

Something she has been wanting to do, but hasn’t have the guts to is try dancing octopus. Which is a live octopus  served on a plate, eaten while its squirming.

Something she can’t live without is food. She especially loves mac and cheese.

Her favorite show to binge watch is SpongeBob Squarepants, whenever she has time, you know what she’ll be doing.

If Alex was described in one word, she would be described as “Fabulous” according to her best friends.

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