Hurricanes Leave People Homeless: You Can Help

Harvey Hurricane

By Ellie H.

May I ask what you were doing on the day or Labor day? Many people were at the beach, relaxing at home, and having fun with their families. You probably heard the sound of meat slapped on a grill and children laughing to the sound of music, but the people of Texas and Florida heard the sound of rain and thunder.

If you have been keeping up with the news or radio lately, you’d know that Hurricane Irma and Harvey recently hit Florida and Texas.

Hurricane Irma is the hurricane that hit Florida on August 30, and has been around the area of Florida since September 16. This hurricane has left many people homeless, due to the flash floods, 185 mph winds, and thunderstorms (CNN, Irma’s Wrath). Irma started as a Category 3 hurricane and due to warm winds and high levels of humidity, changed to a Category 5 hurricane, the worst level a hurricane could possibly get (Hurricane Irma, BBC News).

Just imagine, instead of having fun on Labor Day, you are looking for your lost ones and wading through knee-high water. Your pets are lost and you see your home all destroyed, you were in those halls yesterday living your normal lives.

Hurricane Irma left 6,516,564 people powerless, 55 people dead, destroyed buildings, and cracked main roads (Hurricane Irma, BBC). Although the people of Florida  felt they were all alone, the Texans were experiencing the same thing.

Hurricane Harvey hit Southeast Texas as a Category 4 hurricane and brought a weather forecast of non stop rain with it (Hurricane News). There were 40-65 inches of rainfall that caused many storm surges and flash floods (Hurricane News).

Many of these people are left homeless and still unsure of what to do next. You can help many of these people by donating to UNICEF USA, an organization that helps children impacted by Irma.

The Leadership students at  Richardson Middle School are also doing a donation box in the office, so remember to stop by and donate.

Let us hope that our friends and family in the east we’ll ultimately be fine and soon return to their normal lives.

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