Earth Sits In The Goldilocks Zone


By Jodi Y.

Nasa (National Aeronautics And Space Administration)  has recently discovered the Goldilocks Zone which is located in space.  The Goldilocks zone is when planets or stars aren’t too far from the Sun, but not too close to the Sun, meaning it’s just right.

¨Mercury and Venus were too hot. Mars and the outer planets were too cold. Only Earth was just right for life, they thought. Our planet has liquid water, a breathable atmosphere, a suitable amount of sunshine”. ( 

This quote shows that If the Earth was a little closer to the Sun, we would be considered to be a ¨hot¨ planet like Mercury. Somehow though, we ended up in the perfect area called the Goldilocks Zone.   

Being in the Goldilocks Zone means that the planet holds liquid water which is the key ingredient for life to begin. We are in the Goldilocks Zone because we have a breathable atmosphere, liquid water, and living organisms.  This area only covers a small area in space.

This zone has limits. The temperature is no colder than Antarctica and no hotter than scalding water. The altitude should be no higher than the clouds, and no lower than the mines. We are very lucky to be located in the ¨perfect¨ zone in space.   


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