Part 2: Meet Some of the Journalism Staff


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                                                                Amber K.

By Harry K.

Amber K. How would you describe her… some would say “caring”, “a bookworm”, and most of all “kind”.  Those are only three of the many thousand of words that could describe Amber.  

Amber is an extremely interesting sixth grader.

If you were to see Amber during the weekend, it would most likely be at the mall.  

“The mall is fun, interesting, and cool, I go there to have a good time,” said Amber.  

If you see her there she will be shopping and hanging out with friends.  Amber´s favorite store at the mall is Forever 21.  For food she goes to Wetzel’s Pretzel. She likes to get the mini Cinnamon pretzel bites.

Amber also like lots of sports. She likes to play volleyball, and is on a volleyball team. She thinks it is fun and also thinks that it will build her confidence. Swimming is another one of her favorite sports. She goes to swimming lessons every Tuesdays and Thursdays. She likes to play tennis with her family during the weekends.

Although, Amber has a life outside of school, but Amber has one inside too.  

“My favorite books are Wonder and Out of My Mind.  I love them because English is super interesting.  Everyday I come to school, I come home with some new knowledge,” said Amber.

She also enjoys drawing and coloring. She especially like to draw fashion designs such as dresses, shirts, and pants.

Her dream college is UCLA.  Amber loves to have the sun shining and the sky blue. She likes to spend time at the beach and likes to swim at the pool with her best friends. She also enjoys taking cool and professional pictures anywhere she goes.  Amber is a true Californian.  

“The Los Angeles area can’t be beat by any other place,” said Amber.

Amber will be a positive influence in the world.  She hopes to see you around and be your friend.

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                                                                Emily D.

By Sarah S. 

Have you met 6th grader Emily D.? Let me tell you a little bit about her.

When Emily has free time she likes to listen to music.  She enjoys listening to “Holy Ground” by, Taylor Swift. Emily looks up to Taylor Swift.

“No matter what people think of her, she stays strong,” said Emily.

Emily’s favorite restaurant to go with her family is Truxstons. Her favorite thing to get there is Monkey Bread. She likes going to Truxtons because she gets to spend more time with her family.

Emily also loves camping with her family. They traditionally go camping near Yellowstone National Park. She likes it because she can explore all of the wildlife.

Emily’s favorite flower is a white rose. One of the reasons she likes it is because it is simple and beautiful. Speaking of beauty, another reason why she likes it is because it was the flower in “Beauty and the Beast”, which she enjoyed watching.

If Emily was going to get get clothes from one store forever it would be Kohls. She thinks their clothes are unique.

If you don’t already know, Emily got braces a few weeks ago. She loves how you can change the color of the bands.

Since she was five years old, Emily has wanted to get her ears pierced. Finally for her tenth birthday she got them pierced.

“I was worried at first but, once they did it, it only stung a little the rest of the day,” said Emily.

Now her earring collection has grown to about one hundred pairs. She loves picking out different ones for different occasions.

If you see Emily, start up a conversation with her.  You can start by complimenting her on her earring choice for the day.  


                                                              Mercy C.

By Katie S.

Have you ever met someone that once accidentally drove to Canada with her family while trying to get to Niagara Falls? This happened to Mercy C. in 2015.

You’ve probably seen Mercy walking around the RMS campus. You will also see her at the beach, playing tennis with her dad, swimming, and drawing- her future career choice would be an artist.

“I would like to become an artist in the future because I like how you can really express your feelings through something as simple as a paintbrush,” said Mercy.

Mercy has seven siblings- whose ages range from eight to thirty. She once drove across the country with some of her family, her mom and dad plus three of her brothers.

Some other things that Mercy is fond of is cats, science, the colors purple, blue, grey, waffles, maple trees, and the season autumn.

Her least favorite things on earth are bad fruit and bad weather.

If Mercy could describe herself in one word, it would be “artistic”. One word, though,  would not be enough to describe her exciting life.

Do you think you have anything in common with Mercy? If you ever see her here at Richardson she would love to tell you more about her hobbies and interests.

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