Mysterious Creatures of the Sea Unveiled

By Annabelle H. and Mercy C.

What is a marine animal the size of a golf ball and has a bite 10,000 times more dangerous than cyanide? If you don’t know what this mysterious sea creature is, it’s the Blue Ringed Octopus- also known as the B.R.O.

They are one of the world’s most venomous animals. If provoked it will bite and kill adults in a matter of minutes. When bitten, the octopus injects venom when attacking that causes paralysis, and then death.

The thing that makes these tiny octopi so deadly is bacteria. When the octopi eat, they inject venom into their prey. The bacteria already in the venim kills the prey, and when the octopus eats, it gathers the bacteria in the prey and makes it more deadly as it gets older.

They also have two different types of venom. One is used on their prey, and the other is the one that is used on humans.

Their diet consists of small crustaceans: shrimp, small crabs, small injured fish, and hermit crabs.

They were originally found occupying the west coast of Australia. B.R.O. doesn’t just live in Australia, they live in other places as well. They can be found in Australia, New Guinea, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, and Japan.

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