Part 3: Meet the Journalism Staff


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                                                           Katie S.

By Mercy C.

Do you love the beach? Well, Katie S. can relate. She loves to boogie board and see the waves there.

Katie also loves Sea Stars-the correct term for Starfish.

Katie also loves raspberries, teal, and sunny weather. She believes that sunny weather is the best because there are so many opportunities to do so many fun things to do, such as painting with acrylic and reading.

Her ideal weekend would be spent sailing with her dad and spending time with friends.

Katie is very artistic and creative. In fifth grade, she submitted a design for a mural at Riviera, and won. Her mural is still there. ( Assuming they haven’t painted over it yet.)

Her greatest accomplishment is getting a 100% percent once on a standardized test.

Katie’s best wpm (words per minute typing-wise) is 80.

Katie loves elephants, the cute ones, because they are super clumsy, have a adorable waddle,  and their trunks have a nice curl.

She has even started a Journalism Club in fifth grade. She was the Editor for the club at Riviera.

Katie also goes to piano lessons and track and field for her afterschool activity.

Another interesting fact about Katie is that she owns two sailboats.

She also memorized half of the periodic table.

IMG_0701 (1)                                                            Hannah F.              

By Marina M.

Have you met Sixth Grader Hannah F.?  She grew up in Old Town Torrance and went to Torrance Elementary. 

 A family recipe that has been past down to her is for taco soup and is Hannah’s favorite.

“I love the taste and texture of the taco soup and all the amazing combinations of flavor,” said Hannah.

Hannah’s favorite color is purple and her favorite season is winter.  

“I love to keep myself warm and cozy.  I also love hot chocolate,” said Hannah.

Hannah’s favorite state is Oregon because her best friend lives there and Hannah loves when she goes to visit.

Hannah’s favorite singer is Olivia Holt because she loves her voice and all her songs. Hannah’s favorite drink is Orange Crush because she loves the taste.

Hannah’s favorite dessert is chocolate.  She craves chocolate!  She loves the taste and how it is in so many bars and ice cream.

Hannah’s favorite subject is History.  Hannah’s favorite meal of the day is lunch.  Her favorite book is The Tail Of Emily Windsnap.

If you ever see Hannah walking stop by and say hi to her.  She might even tell you her delicious family recipe of taco soup!

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                                            Samara S.

By Luke C.

Have you ever known someone who has been to twelve different countries?  Well, Sixth Grader Samara S. has been.  She has been to Germany, Spain, France, and many more.

Samara actually likes to travel and she would like to travel the world and be paid for it. She also speaks Spanish as a second language.  Samara’s love of travel is also why she picked Journalism as her elective since she wants to travel, she thought she might be writing about different places. Even though she likes to go to foreign countries, her favorite place is actually New York, New York, which is in the US.

But there is more to her than just traveling.  She also rides horseback and is good at it.  She has earned second place at a competition at jumps, which is her proudest achievement. This is the only sport in which she participates.  Even though Samara likes to ride, she also likes basketball, but interestingly doesn’t play it.  

Her other favorites are the “Hunger Games” movies, the “Stranger Things” TV series, and math.   Samara imagines a perfect world as one without war.  

She would like to be a bird if she had one wish that could grant anything.  On the other hand, though, she dislikes “Sharknado”, a movie about a tornado unleashing sharks all over Los Angeles.  Samara has no siblings but makes it up with a dog.  

Finally, did you know that Samara was once almost killed by a rattlesnake?  According to her, she was riding horseback with her class when she heard it on the side of the trail and saw it in a pouncing position, which it is when it is about to attack.  She couldn’t turn back, though and so her teacher threw a rock at it.  It slithered away, but it was a scary memory.


                                                            Sarah S.

By Emily D.

Have you met Sixth Grader, Sarah S.? If not, here’s a bit about my friend, Sarah. Sarah is a sixth grader that came from Walteria Elementary School. When Sarah has free time, she likes to watch or read Harry Potter. Her favorite character is Hermione Granger.

When Sarah goes to the mall, she likes to shop at Nordstrom and Nike. She likes Nike because their shoes are “nice”.

Sarah’s favorite singer is Alessia Cara and her favorite band is Pink Floyd. She likes Alessia Cara because of her voice and her songs. Sarah likes Pink Floyd because their music is inspiring.

Sarah’s says she enjoys being in style, and her favorite season is autumn.

“It’s a little chilly, and you can wear cute accesories,” said Sarah.

Speaking of accessories, her favorite accessories are earrings because each pair is unique. She got her ears pierced when she turned ten.

An interesting fact about Sarah is she wants a Golden Retriever or a Labrador without having to fully commit to it. She also wants one so she can help the blind. This is why she wants to train a guide dog. Her favorite breed of dog is Neopolitan Mastiff. She likes them because they’re cute and it was the dog in Harry Potter.

Sarah’s favorite series of color is pastel. She likes it because they’re matte colors and light.

If Sarah had to learn one subject for the whole day, she would learn math. She likes math because “it’s cool that you can multiply and divide numbers in that many ways”.

If Sarah were to do another race, she would do the twenty-five yard freestyle because it’s the easiest to do, according to her.

One thing Sarah wants you to know about her is she likes to hang out with her friends. She also likes to sing. Her favorite song to sing is “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus. Sarah’s favorite YouTube channel is the Merrell Twins.

Sarah’s greatest accomplishment is winning the Fifty-yard Butterfly at Miraleste. Sarah was racing against eight people.

¨It was very intense, but I liked how we cheered each other on,” said Sarah.

Keep on swimming swimming, swimming, Sarah!

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