Part 4: Meet The Journalism Staff


                                                       Luke C.

By Samara SN.

Did you know that if Luke C. had one wish it would be to end war? Yes! It is true. Luke hates places with violence and war. That is why his favorite place to live would be Canada.

Another thing he likes is Harry Potter books and swimming. Since he loves swimming so much, his favorite family vacation spot is Hawaii.

An interesting fact about Luke is that he loves math. In fact, he is in after school Math Club. One other interesting thing about Luke is the his dream job is to be a doctor. Also, his favorite color is blue and that just so happens to be what a lot of doctors wear.

Some random facts about Luke are that his favorite animal is a lion, he has one younger sister, and he is in Model U.N Club. His favorite time of day is 8:00PM.  His favorite season is Winter.  He has been to South Korea and Hawaii, and he has almost drank moldy lemonade.

Also, he does not watch television much, but he told me that his least favorite television show is ¨Little Einsteins”.

Although Luke lives near the beach, he does not spend a lot of time there.  You will just have to talk to him and find out why.

Luke is most proud of his fourth grade reputation.  Ask him about that too when you see him next time on the RMS campus.


IMG_0695 (1)

                                                         Ellie H.

By Genesis O.

You probably remember her since she was the first Seventh Grade Class President.

Currently, Ellie is an eighth grader here at Richardson Middle school.

Her favorite thing to do on the weekends is going to the beach with her friends.

A few of her hobbies and activities include: swimming, tennis, violin (which she has been playing for nine years now), Junior Military Camp, and something that everyone should enjoy to make school easier but some people don’t like… reading!

After every activity that she does, she eventually will gets hungry eats her favorite food, sushi.

Most people look forward to being a highschooler or college student, but Ellie doesn’t think about those things.  She doesn’t look forward to being an adult because she can’t imagine life alone and without her family.

One thing that most people don’t know about Ellie is that her grandfather had to sacrifice everything he had so that she could live, this is because her grandfather had to escape the Vietnam War so he had to leave everything behind to come to America.

In the future Ellie is looking forward to getting a good income so that her and her family will live a good life.

If there was one thing that Ellie could ask for, it would be a private jet so that she could fly with her family and travel.

Ellie used to have two Beta fish. She didn’t know what would happen if she put them both in the same tank. She knows now.

If you would like to get to know Ellie just ask her. She love meeting new people!

IMG_0708 (1)

                                                        Dominic B.

By Andrew Y.

Have you met new middle schooler Dominic B.? New to this school like every other sixth grader, he has many interesting features about him.

Dominic was born and raised in Torrance, California.

“I have never lived anywhere else,” said Dominic.

Football is one of his most played sports the excitement and intensity of the game is why he plays it and it is one of his favorite sports.

At only twelve years old he has traveled to seven places in the United States.

“Washington D.C. is one of my favorite places just because of how much history behind this amazing place.”

Henry and Charlie are his only pets and his most favorite pets, Henery has creamy fur ( Henry is his dog). “Dominic cat Charlie has black and white fur and is very very fat haha”, said Dominic.

One of his best experiences of his life is when he´s traveled to Washington D.C, New York, and Boston. Those were his best experience of his life just because of all the places he went to in one summer trip.

On top of that he also plays basketball.

“How tall I am gives me the advantage over the little guys it makes me feel more power I have over little people,” said Dominic.

His favorite candy is twix, the camel inside and the milk chocolate outside. It is one of his many favorite chocolates.

His goal in life is to get into MIT the college.

“MIT has always been my dream school,because I love to work with technology,” said Dominic.

He has two brothers who are nice sometimes, but at times can also be annoying, but he still loves them.

If you see Dominic say “Hi” to him you may find out other interesting things about him.

IMG_0711 (1)

                                                           Karina F.

By Skye R.

Haven’t met Sixth Grader Karina F. ? Go line up because the line is a long wait!

Karina’s favorite inspirational quote is “Do what you love, love what you do”.  Karina loves that quote because “I came across it in one of my favorite books and never stopped loving it from there.”

Karina’s favorite color for her nails is teal and pink.

“I think teal and pink complement each other, and looks really good on,” said Karina.

Karina’s favorite song is “At My Best” by Hailee Steinfeld and Machine Gun Kelly.

“It’s a good combination of artists, and I love the meaning!” said Karina.

I asked Karina whether she prefers  Din Tai Fung’s dumplings or her mom’s. What she said was shocking,  She  prefer my mom’s dumplings over Din Tai Fung, because she can’t fit Din Tai Fung’s dumplings in her mouth!

Karina would like to live in NYC, She love the opportunity there, and the food! A followup question  was if she was a curator in NYC what museum would she go to?

“Metropolitan Museum of Art , because it is my favorite museum of all time,” said Karina.

Karina’s  favorite candy sounds so good I so want to try them now too!  She loves Twix, and especially the candy from Italy she got!, When you bite into it jelly comes out! Don’t we all want a little bite of Italy now?

I also asked Karina if she would change her name if she could, she wouldn’t! She would never change her name, because it suits her, and it’s different than most names.

Karina’s favorite TV show is Andi Mack because of the drama.

If Karina could wear one outfit for the rest of her life, it would be super comfy Ivivva pants, flowing shirt, and memory foam Pumas.

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