80’s Dance To Be Held On Friday! Like Radical, Dude!

By Emily D. and Marina M.

Are you going to the PTSA dance?  Here’s some information about the dance if you haven’t heard already. The PTSA dance is this Friday, October sixth. It’s 80’s themed, so you can wear neon! You can also wear leg warmers, baggy sweatshirts, and leggings. Girls can put their hair in a side pony-tail. Boys can wear baggy pants tied at the ankles.

The dance will be from three to five p.m. in the cafeteria. You get in free if you’re in the PTSA and if you’re not part of the PTSA, you only have to pay seven dollars to get entrance. You can get a membership at the dance as well.

You need to have gotten a parent to sign your permission slip to get into the dance. You also need your ID that you got on October fourth. You can find the permission slip in the Main Office.

So, come to the dance! They’ll have food and drinks on top of all the fun!  Make sure to bring your friends to start the year off right.

Thank you, PTSA members, for hosting this dance!  Let’s Boogie!  

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