Student Perspective: What’s Hot in 2017?

By Amber K. and Karina F.

What’s Hot

We’re all wanting to know what the hottest trends are these days. Well, no need to worry. We’re on your side. We have researched the trends for you. 


  1. One of the fashion trends everyone is rocking lately are Adidas Superstars. Can we blame them? They are so cute and really spice up your outfit.
  2. Everyone wants to stay warm and fashionable at the same time. Bomber jackets are the solution. No wonder everyone wants one!
  3. Lace up tops are graceful but has a lot of spunk at the same time. The shirts are so snazzy and are definitely a go-to outfit.
  4. Let’s patch it up! Patches has been huge in the fashion society. People are wearing shirts or denim jackets with cute patches, like fruit or words. Definitely a fun way to give your outfit a pop of color.
  5. Show off your bold shoulder with a cold shoulder top. These shirts come in all different colors and look awesome on everyone.


  1. Popsockets are everywhere. We totally understand why. They prop up your phone and give you a good grip. They even look cute too.
  2. Shine up your day with some holographic items. They’re everywhere; on your phone, shoes, backpacks, or wall decor. It’s just another way to shine up your day.
  3. Are you losing your marbles for marble? Well I am, and I am sure you are too. Everyone is not over the craze of marble. It is being used everywhere. 
  4. Fairy lights are lit. Literally. They illuminate your room every time you walk in. They come in all shapes and sizes. They lighten your load whenever you feel down.
  5. We can’t forget our prickly friends. Cacti have been so trendy. I mean how cool is it to bring our friends from the desert all the way to our phone cases, room decor, and accessories.


  1. The Floor is Lava! Quick get on something! The Floor is Lava has been a hot trend for a while and is really fun. It’s surprising, but what’s not surprising is how big this trend continues to become without an end in sight. 
  2. To be honest, TBH (To Be Honest) is awesome and fun to play with your friends. It is an addicting and simple app. TBH, I bet you love it too. (With any social media, play responsible and show kindness.)
  3. Achoo! Dab! Whenever you see someone sneeze, they will probably dab with it. The dab is a dance move that everyone is doing whether you win a game, flip a bottle, or sneeze. Dab, dab! Dab party!
  4. Boom! Boomerangs have been a huge thing for a while. They are so fun to record, and catch every memory in a quick video.
  5. Ahh! Don’t tell me there’s a rat in the box! Get pumped up by playing the What’s in the Box challenge. Next time you get a chance, grab a box and a friend, get some weird items, and start playing.

So, time to wrap it up. These are just a few of the biggest trends lately. I bet you love these trends as much as we do. So spread the word and get in on the trends!

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