Lunch Benches



                                              Photos By Luke C.

By Seventh Grader Luke C.

On Tuesday, October 3, Principal Drummond made a new school-wide rule for the lunch benches.  This was that all kids had to sit at the lunch bench area at lunch and was made to decrease trash around the school and make the jobs of the security staff as well as the janitorial managers easier.

This new lunch bench rule is to first keep all of the students in the same area.  Before the end of construction around the cafeteria, there were only a few benches in a small area for a large student population, which led to students sitting all over the school to have enough room.

This increase in kids sitting in the halls has had an impact in the security staff of Richardson.  According to William Beretta, kids were harder to keep track of and manage since they are sitting in many different places.

“It’s a mess when there’s kids sitting from Wing A and Block 3 to Block 2 and Wing E,” said Beretta.

This has also led to an increase in trash around the school.  The increase of kids sitting all around the school has led to them leaving their trash also all around the school and has made the jobs of the janitorial staff harder.

To fix this problem, the school has established a new rule that made all students sit in the lunch area and eat their lunch there.  After they have eaten, the students should go out to the field.

According to Interim Vice Principal Ian McCullen, the new rule was to tell kids to sit at the lunch benches to keep kids supervised and decrease trash around the school campus.

“This rule was to tell students that they had to sit in the lunch bench area during lunch and was made to make sure kids are supervised and have less trash around the school,” said McCullen.

This new rule has succeeded in making the jobs of the security and janitorial staff easier. It is keeping kids safer because they are in designated areas where there are adults.  It has also made the lunch area more comfortable since the school has additional seating to making this new rule doable.  The lunch area behind the cafeteria has also been reopened giving students much needed room to eat their lunch.

So, students, follow the new lunch rules and it will make RMS a cleaner and safer place!

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