Part 5: Meet the Journalism Staff

     IMG_0716                                                           Kristina J.

By Sally M.

During your life, you’ve probably met a lot of different people. But have you ever met someone whose real name is not what everyone calls them by? Well then, say hello to Kristina J.

Kristina’s favorite music artist is James Arthur, but she gets “Skateboard” by Jacob Sartorius stuck in her head a lot.

“One of my favorite songs is ‘Skateboard’. I listen to it pretty much every night before I go to bed,” said Kristina.

Kristina’s favorite place to travel is Palm Springs and her favorite way to travel is by car. In her free time, you might find her watching Fuller House (when she’s not reminiscing about her trips to Palm Springs).

However, if she had a whole day to do whatever she wanted, she would spend it at Universal Studios with and only with her friends.

If Kristina could be any animal, she would be her favorite, a dog. If she could trade lives with any celebrity, it would be Selena Gomez and if she had to be a writing utensil, she would be a pen. The Disney/Pixar character she relates with most is Riley from Inside Out. If she had a food to describe her personality, it would be a potato.

Kristina prefers neon colors over pastel colors and would dye her hair dark blue if she could. If she had to describe her personality as a color, it would be turquoise.

Kristina’s lucky number is four and her favorite class is science because they get to do a lot of fun, hands-on activities. Her favorite quote is “Knowledge is power” because it motivates her.

Something weird she’s good at is imitating a grandpa (her friends can confirm).

Kristina’s real name is Sarah, but she goes by her middle name because her mom has always called her by Kristina.

So the next time you see Kristina, make sure you say “hi” and ask her to do her grandpa imitation. 

IMG_0709 (1)                                                         Skye R.

By Karina F.

Don’t tell me you haven’t met Skye R.! She is currently a Sixth Grader at RMS. If you didn’t have the chance to meet Skye, here are some facts about this girl who knows how to work it.

We all know Skye has a great sense of style. Her favorite clothing brand is Brandy Melville.

¨Their clothes are just so cute and affordable!¨ said Skye.

As well as Brandy Melville, Skye’s go to outfit has to be ripped jeans, a cropped shirt, and her black Nikes. To go with her outfit, Skye’s favorite hairdo for everyday is dutch braids.

¨It makes me look pulled together and neat,¨ said Skye.

Skye loves to surf, so there is no surprise that her favorite hangout spot is the beach! She likes to swim, shed some waves, and hang out there. When she is at the beach there is a lot of dolphins no wonder they are her favorite sea creatures!

Skye is a food fan, but one of her favorite foods of all time is spam musubi hands down.

¨I love spam musubi so much! My go to place is TNT, just no sour sauce,¨ said Skye.

Skye doesn’t only eat food. One of her other favorite things to eat is candy, especially her favorite, extreme sour bites.Skye is a traveler. Considering her love for traveling, Skye’s favorite vacation spot is Greece, can we blame her?

“Itś so nice there. The water is so warm and shallow! The food is absolutely divine!” said Skye.

Skye not only likes airplane traveling, but road trips are fun too. Her favorite road trip games are Sweet and Sour, as well as Would You Rather?. Sounds like fun!

Summer is gone and now comes school. But we will always love it, especially Skye. Skye’s favorite season is Summer and loves everything about it. Skye prefers shorts over pants any day. We are living that California life!

Skye’s favorite subject is math. Along with school, Skye when she is older, wants to go to Oxford College. Put on your shades everyone, because Skye´s future’s looking bright. Skye is a really hard worker, but her greatest accomplishment is getting into Accelerated Math.

We are all getting excited for Tutorial right? Well, Skye wants Yoga as her tutorial. Skye states that she thinks it would be nice to relax and disconnect.

Something Skye does besides school is watch television. Her current addicting show she likes to watch is “Vampire Diaries”.  Keeping the topic of devices, Skye’s favorite app is TBH and Spotify!

We all have things that bother us, but Skye’s biggest pet peeve of all is being sticky. Gross! Another pet peeve of hers is when people talk with their mouths open.

Skye says something weird about her is how fast she comes up with excuses.

When Skye is older, she wants to have kids named Brody and Chandler, and she wants to live in Palos Verdes.

Find Skye at the beach or surfing the waves, or in the hallway of RMS. Get to know her.  Your time will be well spent.

        IMG_0700 (1).                                                      Jodi Y.                  

By Dillon M. and Jaclyn B.                                                                                                                       

Do you know 7th grader Jodi Y.? You might have seen her reading her favorite book series The Dragon Keeper, eating sushi, surfing or watching her favorite movie Flipped.

One of her goals for this year is to get into Hyper-Compacted math. Her favorite subject is science, mostly learning about animals.When she grows up, she wants to be a nurse, so she can help people

She loves to surf, play piano, draw and swim at the beach. If she could live anywhere else in the world, it would be Hawaii, so she can “shred gnarly waves.”

She may seem quiet at first but, she actually is energetic and friendly.

Her favorite book character is Hermione Granger.

“I like her because she is smart,” said Jodi.

She has one younger sister and a cat, though she prefers dogs. Jodi would also like to use her keen intellect to get into her favorite college UCLA.

“I like UCLA’s sports teams and my friend’s mom went there,” said Jodi.

If you want to be friends with somebody that is smart, kind, athletic and caring, make sure to say hello to Jodi in the halls.

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