Talented Students Perform In The Park


Photos by Ryan Beck

By Chloe H. and Skye R.

On September 21st, Leadership organized Performances in the Park for all of RMS. There were several acts and a crowd of students watching as dancers and singers shine on the stage.

Two girls from Leadership did backbends and cartwheels and a boy sang a lullaby-rap about kangaroos.

One of the dancers was Sixth Grader, Nicole L. She has been dancing for five years since she was seven years old.

“I felt really good and free when I was dancing,” said Nicole.

Mrs. Ryan Beck, who is in charge of the Leadership class, wanted to do Performances in the Park because it was a chance for our campus to come together and enjoy the talents of the fellow students and teachers.

She hoped that it promoted inclusiveness and spirit Beck was very impressed with the dancing and creativity of the acts.

“I will never forget a lullaby-rap about kangaroos,” said Beck.kangaroo

If Beck could perform anything at Performances in the Park, she would lip-sync to Bruno Mars.

“I’m obsessed with his funky beats, I wish I was that talented!” said Beck.

I asked Kyle G. a fellow performer, why he wanted to sing a lullaby about kangaroo’s .

“I wanted to get the Kangaroo song out there! I wish it went viral! ”said Kyle.

Kyle’s favorite line from his song was, “Don’t be a T-rex”.

Kyle thought it was really fun preforming.

“I like to watch people laugh and sing along to my song,” said Kyle.

If Kyle could perform another act he said that he would perform another comedy act, he likes making people laugh.

He first heard of Performances in the Park last Monday.

“Right after I knew about Performances In The Park , I knew I had to do it!” said Kyle.

Kyle said he performance went better than it was planned.

“It was pretty lit,” said Kyle.

The performances brought the school together. Leadership, we look forward to the next Performances in the Park.  Who will be next to perform? Will it be you?

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