Do It Yourself Halloween Tips Shared

By Amber K. and Karina F.

Halloween is coming up, and everyone wants to know what to dress up for, how to decorate their homes, how to make delicious spooky treats, and how to carve their pumpkin! Get spiced up with this a guide on DIY Halloween Essentials so it can get your creative juices flowing and your Halloween spirits lifted!

Spooky Treats

Treats are a big part of the Halloween vibe! We all want to make cute treats inspired by some of our favorite Halloween spooks. So here are some delicious treats to get you ready and excited for Halloween!

  1. Creepy Krispies-Rice Krispies decorated as your favorite Halloween creatures!
  2. Cookie graves-Cookies of your choice decorated as graves.
  3. Spider and skull pops-Cake pops decorated as Spiders and skulls.
  4. Graveyard Brownies-Brownies with frosting and candy to decorate to make it look like a graveyard!

Cute Costumes

If you don’t have a costume for the biggest night of the year, don’t worry! These costumes are easy, cute, and perfect!

  1. Have the berry best strawberry costume ever!- Wear an oversized red sweater with white dots and a headband with green leaves!
  2. Be bad as a devil but cute as a button!- Dress in all black with a headband which has horns, and a little trident!
  3. Magical unicorns are good for little 3-year olds to 30-year olds!- Get a rainbow tutu, a pink shirt, a headband with a sparkly horn, as well as some sparkly rainbow makeup.
  4. Everyone wants to dress up in a sweet costume! Well nothing gets better than this cute Skittles costume!- Get a colored over-sized shirt and slap a white “s” sticker on the shirt, and you’re done!

For more information on costumes, check out Emily D.’s article on Halloween Costumes!

Halloween Decor

I don’t know about you, but I love to get my house spooked up for Halloween and our trick-or-treaters! Well this can help you get the coolest decorations ever and creep some people out!!

  1. Gallon Ghosts; if you don’t have pumpkins, these are a great replacement!- Get an empty gallon, draw a spooky face, and pop some Christmas or fairy lights inside!
  2. Spooky Spiral a easy way to dress up your door for Halloween is to cover it in a DIY spider web! – Get some white string and start covering your door in crazy patterns, and also get some fake spiders to add on to the spooky cute theme! 
  3. Mummy Mania these awesome jar decor will really light up your Halloween and add a cute touch- get a mason jar and wrap it with toilet paper, stick on some googly eyes and put some candles inside to light up the night.
  4. Scary Vases a nice way to spice up your Halloween is with this awesome candy vase – get a empty vase and fill it with candy corns and other fun Halloween themed candy, and stick some fall colored flowers in it as well. Boom! The perfect creeping cute vase decor!

We hope these DIY Halloween essentials helped you get ready for Halloween! Thanks for reading and have a great Halloween! #besthalloweenever!

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