Did You See The Great Pumpkin?

Union 76 Pumpkin

By Emily D.

Have you ever heard of the Union Seventy-six? Or the great pumpkin? If you haven’t heard of this, here’s a little bit about the World’s Biggest Jack O’ Lantern!

The World’s Biggest Jack O’ Lantern is in Wilmington. A three-million gallon storage tank is painted to look like a pumpkin. It’s been around since 1952. Because of it’s size and location, it can be seen for miles. If it were be filled with actual pumpkins, there would be enough to make 26,800,000 pumpkin pies!

They also hand out kettle corn! The refinery expects 20,000 people to go see the Jack O’ Lantern up close. You can see it and get the popcorn on October thirtieth and thirty-first from 6 to 9 p.m. 

To paint the pumpkin they need more than 100 gallons of orange, black, and white paint. That’s a lot of paint!

It’s located on 1660 Anaheim Street, Wilmington, CA 90744, between the Harbor Freeway and Gaffey Street.

I can’t wait for the thirtieth and thirty-first! Make sure to stop by and see the biggest pumpkin in the world!

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