Student Perspective: Should School Start Later Every Day?


By Elliot L. and Dillon M. 

A later start is much needed at Richardson but, how will it affect us students?

“People have other stuff to do other than school, kids are rushed in the morning to go to school, during breakfast you can take your time,” said Eighth Grader Ellie H.

But, Sixth Grader Skye R. thinks differently.

“I don’t want to get out at four, which would be the time we get out if school started late,“ said Skye.

We have late start for an hour before school starts for a group called ‘professional learning’,” which is an hour for teachers to meet together and discuss new ideas.

“There is a bit of discussion going on but, it’s unlikely we’ll get a later start any time soon,”said Assistant Principal Ian McCullen.  

Studies have been done about kids not getting enough sleep before school. Most of the studies say that kids from six to thirteen need at least nine hours of sleep. That means that if you want to get up at 6:30AM every morning you need to go bed at 9:30PM in order to meet that minimum.  

The problem most kids have on school days is not getting enough sleep. This can reflect poorly on schoolwork and behavior. Most middle schoolers are accustomed to going to bed late for a number of different reasons and it’s affecting them. Kids can’t give it 100% every day at school, but a late start could fix that. People could get more sleep and, be more well-rested. This would possibly benefit the learning community and improve the overall grade average.

But the downside is that afternoon activities that take place at four would have to be moved back which will get in the way of other important things. A lot of people have sport practices right after school and kids also might not have enough time to do homework. Kids might be forced to stay up even longer than they are presently.

Also, a lot of parents work early hours so, they don’t have a place for their children to go after they leave for work. As a result, they are forced to bring their children to school early.

Many people have different opinions about having late start everyday or just sticking to the daily schedule.  What do you think?

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