Student Poetry: Popular

By Ellie H.

I’m nothing compared to the popular kids

I refuse to believe that

Other people can become popular


It’s true that

Doing drugs

Makes you cooler than

reading books


I’ll tell you this

Once upon a time

Working hard got you recognition

But, that is not the mission


Using foul language will be the norm

I’d be mistaken if

Saying,”please,” and, “thank you,” has a positive impact

I agree that

Our generation is becoming more disrespectful

It’s untrue that

There are people like me in the world



Will continue to reign over



My peers exclude and disrespect people

It will be an embarrassment if

good always wins



is cooler than

making friends


I’m not willing to stand up for myself


I can’t expect to become popular


It will be evident that

Nice people can gain popularity

Is a lie

Only breaking the rules makes you popular


Nobody looks or listens to me

Because I cannot accept under any circumstances that

One day I’ll be liked by everyone

Popular people will change the generations, unless we choose to reverse it


(Read up from this line and reverse it)

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