What Are Kids Up To Now?

By Ellie H. and Harry K.

Kids, mainly teenagers, are extremely unpredictable. Who knows what we are doing these days? If you compared the things we do today to the 1900s, one word to describe it would be , “Wow”.

Children have gone totally crazy with trends from arm movements, to 100 layers of everything. Let’s talk about what kids are paying for these days. Yes I know we don’t like to bring the topic up, but fidget spinners.

diamond spinner

There are so many types. They range from diamond encrusted ones to ones with superheroes on them. They cost from three dollars to hundreds dollars and their amazing ability is to just spin.

This trend can be found all around at schools and countries. Nobody has talked about anything else.

If you think this trend is whack, have you heard about 100 layers of anything?

100 layers

Some trends have taken over youtube entirely and this is applying 100 layers of anything to themselves. Some examples are nail polish, hair spray, lipstick, and eyeliner. Many Youtubers have dedicated many hours to applying 100 layers of something and uploading it. Some people have even decided to put their own twist to this trend and put 100 layers of glue on their faces or hands. (We do not recommend this because it can hurt your skin and causes serious rashes.)

Have you ever head of fur nails.  This crazy trend has become a huge deal among the young in this decade.  People will spend large amounts of money to glue fur to their nails. From crazy colors to leather, people will buy anything.  The great thing about fur nails is that your hands will always be soft.  If you search this up on the Internet you will see incredible designs that you would have never thought was possible. This is just one of the trends this year.

Fur Nails OneOur generation is constantly changing and thinking of new things to spend their time on.  

In a few years, we may view these trends as “Horrifying”, “Ugly”, and “Just plain out weird,”  but we enjoyed these exotic, strange, and weird trends now.

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