What Will You Be For Halloween?

Harry Potter

By Emily D.

I remember last Halloween I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to dress up as. Are you stumped, too? Well, here are a few ideas on what you could dress up as for this great, fun holiday!

Do you want to do something fun with your friend?

  1. Are you into Harry Potter? I am! All you need is a black bathrobe, a white collared shirt, and a tie! Your tie should be the colors of the house you’re in. You can add details, too. For example, if you’re being Harry Potter, you should draw his scar and throw on circular glasses. You’ll look magical!
  2. Dressing up as social media is so easy and fun! Twitter is a great app to dress up as. Get a blue dress and then just print out a white bird and stick it on your shirt.  You can also dress up as Snapchat. You can get a yellow dress and then put a ghost on your shirt. You’ll look amazing!
  3. Superheroes are super fun to dress up as a famous superhero is Spiderman. Get a plain red onesie and draw the web all over it. Another one is Superman. Just get a plain blue onesie and put his logo on it. Now you’re ready to save the world!

Do you want to do your own thing?

  1. Since Halloween is bringing back the dead, you can be an angel! To be an angel, get a long white dress, a white headband, glue, and two white pipe cleaners. Take the headband and glue on one of the pipe cleaners to make it stick up. Then make the other pipe cleaner into a circle shape and glue it to the top of the other pipe cleaner. You’ll look heavenly!
  2. I love fruit. Fruit is yummy and it’s cute and easy to dress up as one! A popular one is a strawberry. Just get a plain red dress, and draw dots all over it. Then get a green headband and some fake flowers from Michaels. Cut off the leaves, and glue the leaves onto the headband. You’ll look so sweet!
  3. Witches are definitely a go to for a Halloween costume! Just get a black dress and a witch hat. You can add makeup to make it even more realistic. Watch out for this wicked witch!

I hope you have a few ideas to look great on Halloween night! You’ll look awesome! By the way, read Amber K. and Karina F.’s article to find out some more DIYs for Halloween!

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