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All Girls Welcome!

By  Theodore N. Boy Scouts of America (BSA) were founded in February 10, 1910. The founders are Robert Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-Powell, Daniel Carter Beard, Ernest Thompson Seton and William D. Boycel. This program is about teaching boys about recreation … Continue reading

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Student Perspective: Furious Fires

By Sally M. and Ellie H. Imagine coming home from school only to find nothing but ashes, burned up debris, and maybe a couple of recognizable items from what was once your bedroom . This is what many people have … Continue reading

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Student Narrative: “Flawed”

By Sally M. Indecisive. Unintelligent. Competitive. Everyone is flawed. Everyone has one major flaw. And it’s out for everyone to see. Stubborn. That’s what I’ve been labelled as. Literally. When I was two months old they tattooed it on my … Continue reading

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Personal Hygiene Matters

By Theodore N. and Marina M. With the hot weather, the need for personal hygiene becomes most important. We all sweat because it is our body’s way to cool down and yet we spend 18 billion dollars trying to stop … Continue reading

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Group Costumes Scare Up Fun

By Marina M. Do you still have no clue what you want to be for Halloween and it is in less than one week? These are some really cute Halloween costumes you can do as a group with your friends … Continue reading

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Halloween Holds Tradition

By Kristina J. and Samara SN. Did you know that Halloween’s original name was All Hallows Eve? You would think that it would have stayed Halloween right? Well, I guess not.   Halloween was originated with the ancient Celtic Festival of … Continue reading

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