Group Costumes Scare Up Fun

Emoji costumesBy Marina M.

Do you still have no clue what you want to be for Halloween and it is in less than one week? These are some really cute Halloween costumes you can do as a group with your friends for girls and boys.

Girls?  Do you want to do group costumes with your friends, but you guys just can’t decide what to do.  Well maybe you can be Emojis.  All you get is plain yellow shirts.  Each person can pick an Emoji.  For the heart eyes emoji you would print out two big heart eyes and the black smiley face.  If you want to make it cuter, then you should wear a yellow or black tutu.

Do you have a group of seven people?  You can be the Seven Dwarfs!  All you need is a t-shirt that has every dwarf’s personality and then you could just get the belts and wear beanies.  

Do you like social media?  Then just be social media with all your friends! Each person pick a media logo and print it and put it on white t-shirts.

Some things you can do with two people are angel and devil, Mario and Luigi, Mike and Sully, M&Ms, fruits, or super heroes.

There are so many fun and last minute ideas you can do with all your friends.  From having a small group to a big group, these DIY costumes would look super cute and you will be in style.

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