All Girls Welcome!


By  Theodore N.

Boy Scouts of America (BSA) were founded in February 10, 1910. The founders are Robert Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-Powell, Daniel Carter Beard, Ernest Thompson Seton and William D. Boycel.

This program is about teaching boys about recreation in the outdoors and respecting nature. The BSA has this system of badges that require you to do different activities to earn they are called Merit Badges 21 they are required to earn Eagle Scout, the highest rank of Boy Scouts. 

Now this has changed  because of, Mike Sarbaugh,  the C.E.O. of the Boy Scouts. He held a vote with his volunteer council to vote on letting girls in the Boy Scouts.

Today the BSA (Boy Scouts of America) opens a new chapter in our history with a unanimous vote to welcome girls to Cub through Eagle Rank,” said Sarbaugh.

Boys and girls will have separate packs and troops, but pack and troops may be co-ed if troop masters allow it.

The learning curriculum and rank advancement will not change, and neither will the uniform, but the styling will change so that girls can also wear it.

The only change that will occur will be a change in the Youth Protection Policy. The most important change will be that when boys and girls are present in a Boy Scout activity, there has to be both a male and female leader present. Both leaders or volunteers must be registered in the BSA.

Welcome girls to Boy Scouts!

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