DIY Your School Supplies

By Marina M.

Need some cool and cute ideas for school supplies?  These don’t  take much time at all and they are creative things for school with little money and effort.  From crafty pens to pencils to fun  DIY notebooks and organizers.  These cool crafts will keep you in style.

To make a DIY SuppliesDIY pencil pouch you take a plain case and you can buy from Amazon, then take some sharpies and make any cute designs you want to put on it.  You can put all the pens, pencils and more.

If your locker is plain and you  need something to put on it then these will be perfect, emoji locker magnets.  You will need circular yellow magnets, sharpies, and a black pen.  Draw your favorite emojis and put it on your locker.

These DIY handmade bookmarks can take ten minutes to do and you can use them for all your books.  You will need decorative paper to make it look cute, yarn, anything you want to put on it do decorate the way you like, scissors, and a hole puncher.  Cut the paper rectangular and make the corners round and use the hole puncher to make a hole on the top of the bookmark.  Then tie the yarn into the hole and decorate your bookmarks with things you love.

Do you want some pencils that are cute and festive?   Well try doing this DIY confetti pencils at home.  The materials you will need is pencils, white spray paint, painter’s tape, hole reinforcement labels, colored acrylic paint, and paintbrushes.  Tape any parts of the pencils that you don’t want spray painted white, spray paint your pencils white.  Once your pencils are completely dry, start sticking your reinforcement stickers along the length of your pencil.  Start painting your confetti spots.  Once your spots are completely dry remove the stickers.  And there you go cute and festive pencils.

This denim covered can is perfect for markers, pencils, pens, and scissors.  Use scrap fabric and recycled blue jeans to make this fun pencil holder for school or your desk. A fun recycling project for any age.  You will need a can.  Then cut a piece of your old jeans and wrap it around the can.  Decorate it with scrap fabric and make it how you would like.

All these DIY are fun activities you can do at home.  They make the simplest things into something that makes it look fun and festive for anyone to enjoy.

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