Student Perspective: Future Inventions


By Sarah S. 

I know many of us middle schoolers and even teachers or parents can think of some things they wish someone had invented. For example, it would be awesome if everyone had their own personal robot to do their homework for them! Well… maybe that was a bad example, but let’s be honest, we were all thinking it.

Okay, so a robot to do your homework is out of the question. Maybe we could have a robot to do something nice for the environment, like picking up trash or sucking up pollution to stop global warming, even though we should not be littering or polluting in the first place. Or maybe the inventions could do something nice for the community. An example is helping the elderly and even starting fundraisers. It would be easier for a robot to do all of these things for us, but we should be doing most of these things ourselves.

Here are some things that my fellow classmates think should be invented.

How about a computer that projects a holographic image or video so you can take notes while watching it?

“I think many people can get a lot out use out of this”, said Seventh Grader Genesis O. She thinks this would be a very effective way to take notes, and it will save you time.

Wouldn’t it be so cool if there was invisibility spray? You could just spray some liquid all over your body and you would be invisible to everybody. You could sneak up on your friends and give them a scare on Halloween. Maybe even pull a prank on them.

“This would be a fun product to use with your friends,” said Sixth Grader Jayhee S.

If a teleportation device were invented it would be selling out in no time. I know many of us don’t like being late to class, dinners, or events; so with this product you will be sure not to be late again. It would be awesome if we had a door that can transport us to places we need to go. It wouldn’t be a very good way to get exercise, but you can still exercise other times.

“You wouldn’t have to rush to places because you would be there in just seconds,” said Sixth Grader Mina G.

All of these product ideas would be really fun and very useful in everyday life. There are many things that some of us could use today. If you have ideas about things you would find useful to be invented then you can talk to the Journalism Staff and we will take it into consideration about writing another article.  

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