Student Perspective: Social Media…Friend or Foe?

Social Media 2
By Kristina J.

Did you know that social media can cause pre-teens and teens to use drugs and alcohol? Yep! It’s true. The relationship between teenagers, social media, and drug use found that 70% of teenagers that are within the ages of twelve to seventeen that use social media also use drugs.

Those who interact with social media on a daily basis are five times most likely to use tobacco, three times most likely to drink alcohol, and two times most likely to use Marijuana; which is a type of drug. 40% out of the 70% admitted they have seen pictures of people using drugs under the influence of social media.

Unfortunately social media makes us compare ourselves with others. When people look at pictures of pretty girls or handsome boys, they tend to compare themselves to them. People also like to compare famous people’s lives with their own.

In 2012 a team of researchers from the UK did a survey on social media users. 53% of people said social media has changed their behavior. 51% out of the 53% said their behavior changed because of lack of confidence.

Also, two-thirds of people admitted to having difficulty relaxing when they are unable to use their social media accounts.

I am not saying to never use social media ever again. I am just asking you not to let it take over your life. It shouldn’t be your first priority. Your great just the way you are, don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

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