Student Perspective: What Makes A Good Student?

A Student

By Katie S.

There are many fantastic students here at Richardson. Have you ever wondered what makes them so admirable? Are they nice? Hard-working? Passionate?

Maybe you, too, are one of those great students, or possibly would like to become one. Here is what one teacher has to say about it.

“A good student should come to class ready to learn, have a positive attitude, and be willing to put in extra effort,” said  Mrs. Ryan Beck, who teaches Leadership and P.E. at RMS.

Richardson teachers have high expectations for their students. Parents do, too.

Many say that “students should always do their homework and be on top of their assignments.”

Sixth Grader Samara S. is a good student and works hard in school. “Good students follow directions, listen well, and complete their work on time,” she said.

The purpose of school is to learn and to be successful later in life, and for most, this includes going to college and getting a good job. Some characteristics that many colleges look for in a student are leadership skills, commitment, openness, ambition, curiosity, and a good work ethic.

One similarity that all “A” students have is the desire to accomplish great things, and the determination to work hard, learn a lot, and get really good grades.

Hopefully everyone at Richardson is determined to do good in school. Teachers appreciate students that participate, are respectful, try their best during class, and put thought into their assignments and complete them on time.

Do you think these characteristics of a good student describe you? Not everyone has all of these qualities, but every student at Richardson has a story, and everyone has a goal. Whatever that goal may be, these qualities will help you get there.

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