Crazy California Climate Continues

By Luke C.

It’s Autumn right now, but it felt like it was still summer in Southern California last week. On Tuesday, Los Angeles actually had a record temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit.  But why is this happening?  It’s because of reasons like the Indian Summer and Global Warming.

An Indian summer, according to, is , “a period of mild, dry weather, usually accompanied by a hazy atmosphere, occurring usually in late October or early November and following a period of colder weather.”Weather map

This weather pattern happens for  a short period of time, then is replaced by the cool autumn breezes.  This is identical to the current weather pattern this week.  Before the heat, there was cooler weather for about a month, then the temperature rose.  On Sunday through Wednesday, the temperature increased from the 90s and 100s, then dropped to the 80s on Thursday through Saturday. Then finally the 70s starting on Sunday.

But it’s not just the Indian summer, either.  Global Warming might increase the heat of the Indian Summer.  According to The Press-Enterprise, global warming has increased the temperature of Southern California by 8-10 degrees fahrenheit.

This means any weather in Southern California will be 8-10 degrees hotter than usual. Since a typical Indian Summer was about 85 degrees in the coastal areas, it spiked to the 90s and 100s because of Global Warming.  The Inland Empire area is usually in the 100s in a typical Indian summer, so it rose to the 110s last week.

Some also say that this is connected to the recent fires in northern California and possibly to the hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico.  This makes sense, since they all point to Global warming as the reason for the increasingly powerful natural disasters.  Global warming keeps temperatures high, making fires more common.  It also increases the chance of hurricanes, since hot weather causes and fuels them.  Countless other disasters and extreme weather patterns get worse because of this.

So we have to be careful, from both the current weather and the weather to come.  We also have to be careful to keep the earth cool, for both the environment and us.

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