Introducing iPhone X

iphine x

By Dominic B. and Theodore N.

Apple is releasing the newest product in their long line of iPhones, the brand new iPhone X. This is Apple’s most powerful iPhone yet.

This new phone is powered by a A11 bionic chip, which powers the iPhone X. It is the most powerful engine ever in a smartphone.

The phone comes in two different colors or finishes, Space Gray and Silver.

The X comes in a height of 5.65 inches, a width of 2.79 inches, a depth of 0.30 inch and a weight of 6.14 ounces. The display is 5.8 inches diagonally. This phone is slightly larger and heavier than the iPhone seven or eight, but smaller and lighter than the eight plus or seven plus.

This iPhone, unlike all of the previous models, is unique. It has no home button and therefore it is all screen. To go to the home screen, you simply slide up from the bottom.

With the iPhone X having no home button, Apple needed a secure way to enter the phone, hence, the face ID. With the face ID, you can enter your phone by simply aiming the camera at your face. The phone even adapts to physical changes, but, for this to work you must be looking at the camera directly with your eyes open.

Every year, Apple introduces a new and great camera with their phone. The iPhone X is no exception to this rule.  It looks better, and has 10x optical zoom for pictures and 6x for videos.

With the iPhone X comes a new kind of emoji, the animoji, which will mirror your movements onto the emoji.

With all the new features on the iPhone X, It definitely tops all of the previous models created by Apple. Welcome to the future.

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