McCullen Temporarily Fills Assistant Principal’s Shoes

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By Elliot L. And Dillon M.

Do you know Mr. Ian Mc Cullen, our new Intrim Assistant Principal?

McCullen is currently filling in for RMS Assistant Principal Krystal Alcala who should be returning in Quarter 2.  

McCullen thinks that good qualities of any Assistant Principal are being organized, hardworking, and having an overall good attitude.

Before becoming an Assistant Principal he was a math teacher and a resource teacher for people with disabilities. He says he really enjoys helping kids.

When our Principal Mr. Drummond, asked him to fill in for the role of  Assistant Principal, he accepted and thought it would be a good experience for himself. But not everyone can be an assistant principal, you need an Administrative Credential and prior experience in teaching.

Other than at RMS, McCullen has worked at Hull MS, Drevno Community Day School, Shery HS, and Bert Lynn MS.  He loves to interact and work with kids helping them to learn and problem solve.  

If he could be anything except an assistant  principal, he would be a surf instructor because he would be doing two of his favorite things, surfing and being with kids.

Did you know his favorite place is Malibu Beach?

“I love the sunshine and surfing the waves,” McCullen said.     

Along with that his favorite colors are blue and green. McCullen also is happily married and has four kids, a cat, a bunny, and ten chickens.

If he had to pick a favorite teacher or aid, it would be our secretary, Mrs. Lorraine Santa Ana.

“She is really hard working and the school wouldn’t be able to run without her,” he says.

If he were to sit down and just read all day long, he would read Where the Red Fern Grows. He also would watch Game of Thrones if he had the chance.

Editor’s Note: McCullen will be heading back to his “regular” job soon at the District Office as Program Specialist for Special Education in Middle School.  Get to know him before he leaves. 

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