Samsung vs. Apple: Which One Is For You?

Samsung vs. Apple 1

By Andrew Y.

Samsung and Apple have done it again by creating two phones that are debatable to be the best phones out there.

The Samsung s8+ has many advantages, such as the battery life being more extended than the iPhone 8.

If you are a photographer or like taking pictures, the s8+ has the option to change the resolution or quality.

It can also be used for a huge amount of time, thanks to the cooling system that was built into the s8+. It has the ability to be used all day without feeling like your hand is burning.

The design of the s8+ is slim, but has a huge screen, being 8.2 mm by 5.8 . The s8+ can fit into your pocket easily with your wallet so it doesn’t stick out

The Samsung s8 cost more than the iPhone 8 by $60. The iPhone 8 is $880 with 64GB (or the amount of storage on your phone) , and the Samsung s8+ is $940 for the same amount of storage.

Unlike the iPhone, the Samsung s8+ does have a jack to plug headphones into so you can listen to music. The iPhone 8 does not have this jack, so you must use wireless headphones, or an adapter so you can plug the headphones into the charging port.

 The iPhone 8 is slightly thicker and heavier than the 7.

Our phones now are able to have a lot of apps, the iPhone s8 just makes that even more relevant.  

The iPhone 8 has either 64GB, 256GB, or 512GB while it is also loaded with 3 GB worth of RAM (or the amount of apps and pictures).Samsung vs. Apple 2

The iPhone 8 in graphics can compete with the Samsung s8+. It also has a 5.1 inch by 5.5 inch screen.

The resolution on the 8 is 1,242 x 2,800 (or the graphics). On the contrary, the camera falls short compared to the s8+, the s8+ has 30mp and the 8 has 12mp

The colors are still the standard Jet Black, Black, Silver, Gold, as well as Rose Gold color, while the s8+ comes in Midnight Black, Arctic Silver, Maple Gold, Coral Blue, and Grey.

There are the facts and comparisons about both of them, now you can pick which is better, the Samsung s8+ or the iPhone 8. What do you think of those two phones? Which one is better for your needs?

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