Student Perspective: Phone Accessories Are A Must-have

By Karina F.

Phone cases and popsockets are all a big part of having a phone. It really makes your phone more than ordinary and really adds a bit of your personality to your  phone. Here are some of the popular phone essentials lately.


Popsockets have hit the charts! They are very useful for doing all of our watching, filming, and recording! They give an awesome grip and give your phone a pop of color. Some popular designs for popsockets include….

  1. Galaxy popsockets! These spacey themed pop sockets brings a pretty swirl of color to your phone.
  2. Watercolor is such a nice ombre of colors and brings a pretty design to every phone!
  3. Marble is so cute and comes in all different awesome designs and colors, definitely a go to popsocket!
  4. Quoted popsockets are such a nice way to brighten the day and make you smile.
  5. Tropical popsockets are so trendy and cute! Leaves, pineapples, and palm trees give a happy feeling and remind you of paradise!
  6. Glittery popsockets we just can’t deny! They add shine and really sparkle your world!

Phone cases, we all need them! They add so much to your phone, while protecting and perfecting them! Phone cases have gotten really cool with new textures, designs, and awesome quotes. Some of the trendiest phone cases include…

Phone cases

  1. Clear cases are great to show off that Apple sign as well as the true color of your phone!
  2. Liquid cases are really cool and over the top! Having a fish tank or ocean with sea creatures is definitely a win!
  3. Rose gold is such a pretty color and makes your case shine, and at the same time is such an elegant color.
  4. Marble is swirling, awesome! Such a simple design but really gives a nice texture and adds pizzaz to your phone case!
  5. Holo! Holographic cases are so shiny, so sparkly, and it’s like having so many different colors in one case! They reflect different colors and will wow tons of people!
  6. Roses are a trendy and beautiful flower. They are so nice and look really pretty on your phone.

With all of these awesome phone accessories you will definitely be in with the latest trends! Trendy phone accessories are great. Think about investing in one! It’ll surely jazz up your world!

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