Poetry Corner: “Fall Poem”

Pumpkin Scape 2

By Karina F.

That wonderful feeling of fall spreads around

Smiling, laughing as leaves drift to the ground

The smell of pumpkin spice sends a smile

As leaves keep falling, stacking into a pile

The sight of pumpkin patches send a call

Warning everyone it must be fall

That cold weather starts to cover the air

While we sit by the fire with those who care

Apple picking, baking, pumpkins galore

I’ve never felt a feeling better or more

Jumping into thousands of leaves

That autumn we know, stealing our hearts like thieves

Not a single road of worries in our way

Except for a trail of leaves and the sky of grey

As the sky clears up and leaves drift away

“Where is fall going?” I would say

No more pumpkins, not at all

Oh well, I guess I will wait until next fall.

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